Letter from Linus Pauling to George Persky. Page 1. October 2, 1962
Letter from Linus Pauling to George Persky. October 2, 1962. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

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  • Letter from Emile Zuckerkandl to LP RE: Tells LP that he is making preparations to return to California. Asks about the possibility of Cal Tech covering the cost of his and his wife’s flight. [Letter from LP to Zuckerkandl September 15, 1962] [Letter from LP to Zuckerkandl October 1, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, Zuckerkandl, Emile, 1958-1980 Box 465, Folder 465.5] 
  • Letter from LP [Signed in his absence by Linda Hopkins] to Julius Kogan, Boroughs and Associates. RE: Asks him to continue the insurance policy on the Ford truck for another year. [Filed under LP Biographical: Central Mutual Insurance Co. - Boroughs and Associates, 1956-1969: Box # 4.042 Folder #42.1] 
  • Letter from LP [signed by Linda Hopkins] to Amelia Helmholz RE: Says that he will not be able to accept the invitation to speak at Wellesley College due to his busy schedule. [Letter from Helmholz to LP September 20, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, W: Individual Correspondence, 1960-1962 Box 445 Folder 445.3]  
  • Letter from LP [signed by Linda Hopkins] to Salome G. Waelsch RE: Tells Waelsch that he noticed the error in the February 2 issue of Time, but that he did not have enough time to write a letter to correct and is glad that Waelsch did. Says that the correspondence between Waelsch and Time was amusing. [Letter from Morgenstern to LP March 21, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, W: Individual Correspondence, 1960-1962 Box 445 Folder 445.3]  
  • Letter from LP to Alfred Marshak RE: Apologizes for the delay in answering Marshak’s letter and says he supposes Marshak already made arrangements for the present academic year. Says that if Marshak is interested purely in study of physical chemistry and molecular structure then arrangements might be made for him to spend a year at Cal Tech. Tells Marshak that he is skeptical of the theory Marshak proposed, but does not mean to discourage him. [Letter from Harris to Marshak March 22, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, M: Correspondence, 1962-1964 Box 259, Folder 259.1] 
  • Letter from LP to Constance de Bisschof RE: Says that he is more concerned about the negative effects on human beings by nuclear tests than the disruption of the Van Allen Belt. Tells her that the biggest danger of the tests on the Van Allen Belt is that it may interfere with instruments in orbit around the Earth. [Letter from de Bisschof to LP June 25, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, D: Correspondence 1960-1966 Box 99, Folder 99.3] 
  • Letter from LP to Dr. M. B. Chenoweth RE: Says he was very interested in Chenoweth’s brief discussion of halogenated anesthetics in Leiden. Asks for any reprints or other materials Chenoweth might be able to send him. [Filed under LP Correspondence, C: Correspondence 1961-1962 Box 76, Folder 76.2]
  • Letter from LP to Edwin C. Peterson RE: Says that he was interested to read Peterson’s letter, but he does not understand his theories and does not know of any experimental or observational support for Peterson’s statements. Tells Peterson he is sending him some material under separate cover. [Letter from Peterson to LP June 22, 1962] [Letter from Peterson to LP October 11, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, P: Correspondence, 1960-1963 314, Folder 314.3]
  • Letter from LP to George Persky. [Letter from Harris to Persky March 8, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, P: Correspondence, 1960-1963 314, Folder 314.3]  
    2 October 1962

    Dear Mr. Persky:

    After my return to Pasadena I have run across your letter, which was acknowledged by my secretary.

    Your well-written letter has made an excellent impression on me. I think that your idea that the scientists who do not work on weapons should ostracize those who do, and attempt to make them feel uncomfortable, is a novel and interesting one. I doubt, however, that it would be successful. The temptation of the high salaries paid to the missile and H-bomb scientists is great enough to overcome every opposing influence.

    I think it would be difficult to get a movement of this sort started in the United States, and even more difficult in the Soviet Union. For example, we have not been able to get any Soviet scientists to join the Society for Social Responsibility in Science. The reason for our failure lies, I think, in the apparently deep conviction by Soviet scientists that the policies followed by the Soviet government are good ones, that the Soviet government sincerely desires peace, and that its actions in the direction of militarism are forced upon it by the militaristic West.

    I hope that you will write to me again. I should like to know what sort of work you are carrying on, toward your doctor's degree in physics.

    With best regards, I am

    Sincerely yours,

    [Linus Pauling]

  • Letter from LP to Jonathan E. Fine RE: Apologizes that his various travels during the spring prevented him from accepting the invitation to give a lecture in honor of Henry Sigerist. Says that he hopes his carelessness did not prevent them from obtaining a satisfactory speaker for the Sigerist lecture. [Letter from Harris to Fine March 24, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, Y: Correspondence, 1938-1977 462, Folder 462.18]  
  • Letter from LP to Marcus Heyman, RE: LP apologizes that he has not responded to Heyman’s letter from March.  LP has not succeeded in getting many people in the Soviet Union to protest against the Soviet tests.  LP is interested to lean the results that Heyman has achieved through his letters to social scientists in te Soviet Union.  [Letter from Heyman March 3, 1962] [Letter from Heyman October 1962] [Filed under LP Peace: (The Bomb Test Suits, 1962-1964), Box #6.002, Folder #2.1]
  • Letter from LP to Mary Allen RE: Apologizes for the long delay in response. Says he would have liked to speak at Porterville State Hospital, but his schedule is too busy at the present time. [Letter from Harris to Allen March 22, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, P: Correspondence, 1960-1963 314, Folder 314.3]  
  • Letter from LP to Philip N. James RE: Apologizes for the long delay in answering James’ letter. Talks about his idea for a peace research institute to be set up. Suggests the Canadian Peace Research Institute, but says that he isn’t sure they are big enough to provide a post for James. [Letter from Hopkins to James March 12, 1962] [Filed under J: Correspondence 1933-1934, 1936-1964 Box 192, Folder 192.28] 
  • Letter from LP to Ralph E. Lapp RE: Requests a copy of Lapp’s letter that was published in the New York Times on 2 November 1958. [Filed under LP Correspondence, L: Individual Correspondence (Lacey - Lattimer) Box 212, Folder 212.11] 
  • Letter from LP to William Kieffer RE: Tells Kieffer that he does not think an erratum note is necessary and he mostly wrote to call the matter to Kieffer’s attention. Gives a list of some titles of articles he has been working on for submission to the journal, but says he isn’t sure about the time of submission for them. [Letter from Kieffer to LP September 20, 1962]  [Filed under J:Organizational Correspondence (Jo - Jo) Box 191, Folder 191.4]
  • Letter from Lillian H. Meyer to LP RE: Requests permission to publish the Table on Electronegativity of the elements published in The Nature of the Chemical Bond, Third Edition. Explains that it is for an introductory textbook. [Letter from LP to Meyer October 12, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, M: Correspondence 1962-1964 Box 259, Folder 259.1]
  • Letter from Linda Hopkins, Secretary to LP to Miss I. Weber, Editorial Dept. Secretary, Médecine et Hygiène RE: Encloses a biographical sketch and a signed photograph of LP. [Letter from Weber to Hopkins September 26, 1962, Postcard from Weber to Hopkins October 18, 1962] [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: (Manuscripts and Typescripts of Articles by LP, 1962), Box #1962a2, Folder #1962a2.10]
  • Letter from Mort Stein to LP RE: Tells LP about stomach trouble that he has been experiencing and the proposed use of X rays in his treatment at the Mayo Clinic. Says he is very concerned about the danger of using X rays and asks for LP’s opinion on the matter. Handwritten note at bottom, “ans’d.” [Letter from Stein to LP October 14, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, S: Correspondence, 1962-1963 Box 382 Folder 382.1] 
  • Letter from Renate Riemeck to LP RE: Tells LP about the German peace union Congress that will be taking place in Frankfurt on October 28, 1962. Asks if LP could send a message of greeting for the conference. [Letter from LP to Riemeck October 25, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, R: Correspondence, 1960-1963 Box 342 Folder 342.3]  
  • Letter from Renato Saggieri to LP RE: Tells LP that he is doing his graduation thesis about LP. Asks for the titles of books written about LP’s discoveries and for a photograph of LP with some lines of LP’s handwriting with signatures to be used for an illustration. [Filed under LP Correspondence, S: Correspondence, 1962-1963 Box 382 Folder 382.1] 
  • Letter from World Council of Peace Presidential Committee to LP, RE: The Committee has received LP’s letter about the suit to be filed in the Soviet Union and the Committee is working to expedite this matter.   [Filed under LP Peace:  (The Bomb Test Suits, 1962-1964), Box #6.002, Folder #2.1]
  • Memo from H.B. Bennett Travel Agency to LP RE: receipt of payment for a round-trip airline ticket from Los Angles to New York City [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.003, Folder 3.2] 
  • Note from Lucila Rubio de Laverde to AHP, RE: Laverde says that she was very happy to see that the “Women Strike for Peace” had recognized AHP and LP for their efforts for peace. Wishes to publish a second bulletin that would include a brief report on the Congress of Montreal.  Hopes to interest Latin American women in the work of peace by providing for more information as they remain uninformed.  [Filed under AHP materials re: Women and Peace: (Correspondence: Women International Strike for Peace, 1962-1975), Box#4.004, Folder#4.1]