Letter from Linus Pauling to Bob Grossfeld. Page 1. July 31, 1962
Letter from Linus Pauling to Bob Grossfeld. July 31, 1962. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Document: Royalty Report from Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc., for No More War!. [Filed under LP Biographical: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1958-1988: Box #4.045 Folder #45.5]
  • Letter from Alexander Clark and Gordon P. Whitcomb to LP RE: Invites LP to attend the annual Cyanamid reception at the Fall Meeting of the American Chemical Society. [Letter from LP to Clark and Whitcomb August 7, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, C: Correspondence 1961-1962 Box 76, Folder 76.2]
  • Letter from Bonnie L. Ohmert to LP RE: Reminds LP that he said she could write to him for some literature about radioactivity in milk in California after his speech at Glendale College. Says she is very desirous to have this information. [Letter from LP to Ohmert August 9, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, O: Correspondence 1937-1965 Box 300, Folder 300.24] 
  • Letter from Dorothy Speir to LP RE: Tells LP that the reprint about his libel suits was very interesting since she had not heard a word about them previously. Informs him that on the following Monday the Detroit Women for Peace are sponsoring a Hiroshima Memorial Day Walk, during which the participants will wear black arm-bands with the words “Bomb tests kill people.” [Letter from LP to Speir July 27, 1962] [Letter from Speir to LP August 11, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, S: Correspondence, 1962-1963 Box 382 Folder 382.1] 
  • Letter from Gerard Herrick, RE: Herrick asks if LP can return his correspondence with SANE.  Herrick discusses some of Homer Jacks statements that were made in the New York Times.   [Letter from LP August 7, 1962] [Filed under LP Peace: (SANE, 1958-1966, 1982), Box #4.003, Folder #3.10]
  • Letter from Jacob Shapira to LP RE: Thanks LP for the opportunity of talking with LP and visiting his laboratories, and asks LP to thank Dr. Catchpool for his many courtesies. Talks about his future research plans. [Filed under LP Correspondence, S: Correspondence, 1962-1963 Box 382 Folder 382.1] 
  • Letter from Pierre Henkart to LP RE: Talks about FOCUS a student directed forum on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Invites LP to speak for them sometime during the next school year if he is in the east. [Letter from LP to Henkart August 7, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, F: Correspondence, 1957 - 1966 Box 129, Folder 129.6] 
  • Newsletter: SANE World.  [Filed under LP Biographical: Correspondence, Newsletters: SANE World, 1962: Box #3.058 Folder #58.4]
  • Newspaper clipping: “Extension of Remarks of Hon. James Roosevelt” Congressional Record- Appendix. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box #6.008 Folder #8.311]