Letter from Linus Pauling to C. C. Wang. Page 1. May 15, 1962
Letter from Linus Pauling to C. C. Wang. May 15, 1962. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Article: “Strontium-90 in Man V,” Science. [Filed under LP Peace: Materials re: Strontium-90, 1961-1963: Box #7.014, Folder #14.10]
  • Letter [sent] from LP to George W. Corner RE: Glad that Corner’s opinion that LP would not like to rebut anything said at the Symposium on The Present Status of the Radiation Hazard, so therefore will not need the transcripts and will wait until the articles are published. [Letter from Corner to LP May 1, 1962]  [Filed under LP Science: (American Philosophical society, 1936-1963, 1989, 1991), Box #14.011, Folder #11.2]
  • Letter from Alice McGrath to LP RE: Writes at LP’s suggestion to ask for the names of people who might have material fro an anthology of satire by scientists. Only asks that he write down names that are readily and easily found without too much time on LP’s part. Also encloses a copy of her book. [Letter from LP to McGrath June 28, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, M: Correspondence 1962-1964 Box 259, Folder 259.1] 
  • Letter from Denise A. Zoolalian, H.B. Bennett Travel Agency, to LP RE: partial airfare refund for LP and AHP’s trip to Moscow in 1961 [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.003, Folder 3.1]  
  • Letter from Editor of the Bulletin of the World Council of Peace to Friends, RE: Statements by Professor Bernal on the occasion of the French Government’s underground explosion.  [Filed under LP Peace: (Assorted Peace Groups, Wo-Yo), Box #4.017, Folder #17.1]
  • Letter from Frank J. Carelli Jr to LP RE: Explains that he is participating in a debate on nuclear testing. Requests any information LP might be able to send him about it. [Filed under LP Correspondence, C: Individual Correspondence, 1961-1962 Box 76 Folder 76.2] 
  • Letter from G. Ramachandran to LP, RE: The Gandhi Peace Foundation is inviting LP to an Anti-Nuclear Arms Convention to be held in New Delhi June 16th through 18th. [Filed under LP Peace: (Assorted Peace Groups, Fe-Me), Box #4.012, Folder #12.4]  
  • Letter from George W. Corner to LP RE: Asks LP if he can lend the tapes of the Symposium on The Present Status of the Radiation Hazard instead of making transcriptions. Handwritten note “Would you like to hear the tapes?” [Letter from LP to Corner May 23, 1962]  [Filed under LP Science: (American Philosophical society, 1936-1963, 1989, 1991), Box #14.011, Folder #11.2]
  • Letter from J. Yanney-Wilson to LP, RE: Yanney-Wilson, on behalf of the Ghana Science Association, would like to invite LP to attend the “accra Assembly” on “The World Without the Bomb.”  The meeting will be held in Accra from June 21st through June 28th.  Yanney-Wilson hopes that LP will be able to attend the meeting.  [Letter from LP May 24, 1962] [Filed under LP Peace: (Assorted Peace Conferences, 1949-1962), Box #2.010, Folder #10.10]
  • Letter from Joan R. Harris, secretary to LP, to Donald R. Babin, University of New Brunswick, RE: Explains that LP asked her to tell Babin that he is looking forward to seeing him and if he needs anything, he should write to LP. [Filed under LP Biographical: (CIT: Materials re: Teaching and Advising of Graduate Students of Linus Pauling, 1935-1963), Box #1.017, Folder #17.3] 
  • Letter from LP [signed by Joan Harris] to Christina Stuffer RE: Says that he read her manuscripts with interest, and returns them. [Letter from Stuffer to LP May 5, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, S: Correspondence, 1962-1963 Box 382 Folder 382.1] 
  • Letter from LP [signed by Joan Harris] to Paul Rosbaud RE: Says that he will not be in Munich for the Commemoration Meeting “50 Years’ X-ray Diffraction.” Tells Rosbaud that he does not remember the scope of Sommerfeld’s papers enough to express an opinion about the value of publishing them. [Letter from Rosbaud to LP April 30, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, R: Individual Correspondence (Rosbaud - Rundle) Box 336 Folder 336.1]  
  • Letter from LP to Paul F. Wiley RE: Declines the invitation to speak at the Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society’s symposium in November. [Letter from Wiley to LP April 26, 1962] [Filed under LP Science: (American Chemical Society: Correspondence, 1950-1964), Box #14.006, Folder #6.5] 
  • Letter from Martha Stevens to LP RE: Tells LP that her English class is having a debate for and against the US nuclear testing and she is on the negative side. Says that she is required to write someone asking for suitable information. Requests any information LP could send her. Handwritten note indicates information was sent, but without a reply to her letter. [Filed under LP Correspondence, S: Correspondence, 1962-1963 Box 382 Folder 382.1] 
  • Letter from Nicholas P. Christy, Columbia University, to LP. RE: Has been informed that he will be participating in the Columbia University Conference on Hemoglobin. Invites him to come early and give a clinic. [Filed under LP Speeches: Speeches by LP, 1962: Box #1962s Folder #1962s.22] 
  • Letter from Virginia O. Blank to LP and AHP RE: Sends them some historic records. [Filed under LP Correspondence, B: Individual Correspondence, 1962-1964 Box 40 Folder 40.1] 
  • Memo from Joan Harris to J. P. Youtz RE: Encloses an Annual Invention Statement for U.S.P.H.S. Grant No. H-3136(C4) for Youtz to sign and send to Bethesda. Asks to return the last copy if he does not need it. [Memo from Youtz to Harris May 22, 1962] [Filed under LP Science: (United States Public Health Service: Assorted Grants, 1954-1964), Box #14.042, Folder #42.2] 
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Glenn E. Brixley: For United States Senator.”  Official Voters’ Pamphlet. [Filed under LP Newspaper Clippings: Newspaper Clippings, Magazine and Journal Articles related to LP, 1962: Box #1962n, Folder #1962n.17]
  • Newspaper article: “Dr. Pauling, Nobel Winner, Recently Interviewed; Physical Chemist Opposes Resumption of Tests” Grant High School, Portland. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box #6.008 Folder #8.287]