"Statement by Linus Pauling" October 10, 1960

Pauling describes the details of his interactions with the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Appended to the typescript is a letter from Pauling to Thomas J. Dodd enumerating the errors made in the official transcript of Pauling's first appearance before the committee.

"Statement by Linus Pauling" Page 1. October 10, 1960
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"Statement by Linus Pauling" Page 2. October 10, 1960
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"Statement by Linus Pauling" Page 3. October 10, 1960
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"Statement by Linus Pauling" Page 4. October 10, 1960
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"Statement by Linus Pauling" Page 5. October 10, 1960
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"Statement by Linus Pauling" Page 6. October 10, 1960
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Associated: Kenneth B. Keating, Thomas J. Dodd, William B. Macomber, Norris Cotton, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Internal Security Subcommittee (United States Senate), National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (U.S.), National Institutes of Health

ID: bio2.016.6-ts-19601010

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