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"The Origins of Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine."

"The Origins of Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine." May 20, 1986.
Recording of a Pauling lecture. Produced by Medical Television, University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Working on Proteins with Alfred Mirsky. (1:22)


Linus Pauling: So I became interested in proteins. In 1936 we published this material. That year also I asked Alfred Mirsky to come from the Rockefeller Institute to Pasadena for a couple of years, in fact. He taught me how to handle proteins, how to purify hemoglobin and things of that sort. He and I published a paper in 1936 on a theory of native and denatured proteins, which is, I think, pretty much the accepted theory - that the native protein is folded in a well-defined way. This native protein molecule, such as this one [slide], stabilized by various interactions including hydrogen bonds. And that denaturing agents or conditions caused polypeptide chains to unfold and they can get tangled up with one another and an insoluble coagulum can form. The denatured protein, the specific properties, tend to be lost. So I thought an interesting problem would be to find how the polypeptide chains are folded in proteins.


Creator: Linus Pauling
Associated: Alfred E. Mirsky
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Creator: Linus Pauling
Associated: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Date: May 20, 1986
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