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Hitchcock Foundation Lectures: "Chemical Bonds in Biology"
Hitchcock Foundation Lectures: "Chemical Bonds in Biology" January 17, 1983.
University of California, Berkeley.

A Rabbit Story. (0:50)

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Linus Pauling: Here, I show Dan Campbell, and two of our other associates in this work [rabbits]. My wife was a bit irritated, we had a little old the hills above Pasadena, going back to 1860, and it was full of rabbit cages with rabbits that I injected with antigens every morning. And then we built a shed on the front lawn that contained the cages in which the breeding rabbits were kept, to provide us with additional rabbits. She commented on this slide: she said, "the only thing that that slide shows is that you don't know how to hold a rabbit!"


Creator: Linus Pauling
Associated: Ava Helen Pauling
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Creator: Linus Pauling
Associated: University of California, Berkeley

Date: January 17, 1983
Genre: sound
ID: 1983v.1
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