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"Men and Molecules: Molecular Medicine"
"Men and Molecules: Molecular Medicine" February 26, 1962.
Produced by the American Chemical Society

Rectifying the Cold War Economy. (1:26)

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Linus Pauling: I believe, that, provided that enough money is put into the field of medical research and research in the sciences fundamental to medical research, it will be possible for us to make very great progress during the next few years or the next few decades in the control of disease and in the diminution of the amount of human suffering. I think in fact, that this is the way in which the transition, the economic dislocation, from a Cold War economy to a peace economy accompanying disarmament can be carried out.

A great many scientists are now working on weapons or on problems connected with war and the Cold War. We need to set up, our government needs to set up, many great laboratories in which these scientists could carry on work on problems related to medicine or fundamental to medical research. This would be, then, a way in which unemployment of scientists could be avoided, the economic transition could be achieved, and for the benefit of the American people.


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