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Pernot Family Photographic Collection, 1870-1940

Biographical Note:

Emile F. Pernot was born in New York in 1859. He accompanied his brother, Henry, to Oregon in 1889, and together they opened a photography business. In 1890 Pernot was hired by Oregon Agricultural College to teach photography and to take photographs for the Experiment Station. Through his pioneering work in microphotography, he developed an interest in bacteriology, and was named the first chair of the Bacteriology Department in 1900. In 1910 Pernot was named bacteriologist for the city of Portland. He married Edith Coote, daughter of OAC horticulturalist George Coote. Pernot died in 1927.

John F. "Jack" Pernot and Frederick E. Pernot were sons of Eugene Pernot (another of Emile Pernot's brothers). John was born in 1890 and graduated from OAC in 1910 with a degree in Forestry. He worked for the U.S. Forest Service until his accidental death in 1914. Frederick was also born in 1890, and graduated from OAC in 1910 in Engineering. He taught electrical engineering at the University of California, and died in 1968.

Several other photographic collections include photographs taken by Emile Pernot, including the OSU Historical Photographic Collection (P 25), the College of Agricultural Sciences Photographic Collection (P 36), the Alice Kidder Evans Photographs (P 144), and Harriet's Photographic Collection.

Other collections include photographs of Pernot Family members: Emile Pernot, Faculty and Staff Photographic Collection (P 46) and Harriet's Collection (#3, #413, #612, and #1573); Edith (Coote) Pernot, OSU Historical Photographic Collection (P 25) and Harriet's Collection (#612 & #1229); and John F. Pernot, Harriet's Collection (#1573). See also MC - Pernot, Emile F., and MC - Pernot, Mabel.

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