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School of Oceanography Photographs, 1970-1972

Scope and Content Note

The School of Oceanography Photographs consist of three images depicting oceanographic research conducted by Oregon State University faculty and graduate students that were assembled as part of the School's biennial report for 1970/1972. One image shows a three-meter trawl with trawlometers used to sample deep ocean stations; a second depicts a buoy being lowered into the ocean for studying the nature of upwelling between Seal Rock and Cascade Head on the Oregon Coast. The third image shows School of Oceanography geophysicists placing seismometers in the Klamath Falls, Oregon, area during exploratory studies of geothermal energy.

All of the images are b/w photographic prints and have been assigned individual numbers P203:1 thru P203:3.

An addition to the School of Oceanography Photographs (Accession 2012:043) consists of photographs taken by College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences staff. Numbering 164 images in total (118 slides, 21 prints, 25 negatives), these photographs primarily document the research vessel Wecoma with most of the shots depicting research activities on deck (taking ocean samples and cores) and in labs inside the ship. Also pictured among these images is the research vessel New Horizon from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. There are also photographs of the construction of an unidentified building near the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

A second addition to the School of Oceanography Photographs (Accession 2013:006) consists of photographic images generated by the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS) for use in publications, brochures, and reports. Numbering 341 images (267 prints, 70 negatives, 4 slides) in total, the photographs depict COAS staff, various exterior and interior views of the Hatfield Marine Science Center, award ceremonies, research vessels, the OSU Totem research buoy, the 1965 dedication ceremony of the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and a coastal field trip by Educational Opportunities Program students. There are also scenic shots of the coastal landscape that are part of this accession.

A third addition to the School of Oceanography Photographs (Accession 2013:088) is made up of photographs taken and collected by the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS) that document research activities aboard the research vessels, COAS staff and students in portrait shots, the Totem research buoys, the dedication of the Oceanography Building as Burt Hall, construction of the Environmental Computing Center, and a trainee program for minorities led by Norma Small Bone. Numbering 308 images in total (271 prints and 37 slides), these photographs portray both interior and exterior views of the "Acona," "Yaquina," and "Wecoma" vessels that include shots of the Acona's construction. Most of the people depicted in these images are identified. A cd containing digital images of the 2012 retirement ceremony of the Wecoma was also found in this accession.

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