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James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection, 1909-1915

Scope and Content Note

The James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection contains images that document two main subjects: Arbuthnot's personal activities and athletics at Oregon Agricultural College. The majority of the images appear to have been produced around 1910-during Arbuthnot's time as the Athletic Director of the College. The collection contains many views of mountain landscapes, forests, rivers, and the Oregon coast. The photographs depict Arbuthnot and other individuals hiking and exploring, diving into and swimming in the Marys River, taking canoeing and boating trips on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, visiting Marys River Dam, setting off on hunting trips, posing with fish and game (living and dead), discovering ship wreckage on the coast, and climbing on "Jump Off Joe" near Yaquina Bay. A large number of the images show Arbuthnot's dog, who accompanied him on many of his trips and appears in many photographs with the wrestling team.

The collection also includes images taken in Corvallis and on the OAC campus. These photographs depict a number of athletic teams including football, baseball, basketball, track and field, and wrestling participating in practices, games, and competitions. Some of these photographs are included in the Orange yearbook. Individual players are also pictured. There are a number of images of cadet companies participating in military drills on Inspection Day as well as views of the college gymnasium-which would later become Mitchell Playhouse. The majority of images in this collection are postcard prints. Several of the images are available online in the Best of the Archives and Oregon State Baseball digital collections. Links to digitized images are available from the detailed image descriptions.

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