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Letitia Shamhart Dunn Photograph Collection, 1924

Scope and Content Note

The photos in this collection document a wide array of activities including buggy rides, a military parade, a class initiation, the Civil War football game and a "co-ed ball" featuring all-female couples, some of them in male dress. An image of particular note is that of the Lady of the Fountain statue being driven in a car onto Bell Field in front of a large crowd. The collection also includes a number of group photos.

Most of the individuals depicted in this collection are unidentified and all but one of its photographs are undated. Individuals who are identified include Celice Wilson, Mary Noble, Mary McLean Dixon, Mrs. Gaines (housemother at "Beta Kappa" - Shamhart's sorority?), Vera Affield, Letitia Shamhart and Mrs. Scott (housemother of Waldo Hall).

The collection also includes a number of photos - both originals and reproductions - of campus buildings, including an image of the Langton Hall pool while under construction.

The photos in the Shamhart Dunn Collection appear to have originally been mounted in a scrapbook, which were subsequently cut out and saved along with a smaller number of annotations.

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