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Women's Recreation Association (WRA) Photographic Collection, 1910-1965

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P171:001. 1.
Carolyn Laughlin. 1958-1959.
P171:002. 1.
Arlene Thompson.
P171:003. 1.
Marjorie Miller. 1948-1949.
P171:004. 1.
Margery Holland. 1956-1957.
P171:005. 1.
Individual portrait of unidentified woman.
P171:006. 1.
Virginia Moses. 1950-1951.
P171:007. 1.
Women students in dance studio/gym.
P171:008. 1.
Five women on ladder in pool.
P171:009. 1.
Two women playing croquet; photograph by Warren Welch.
P171:010. 1.
Members of Women's Recreation Association, including officers; photograph by Warren Welch.
P171:011. 1.
Woman at bat playing softball.
P171:012. 1.
Batter, catcher and umpire at plate playing softball.
P171:013. 1.
Nine women making a pyramid in the gym.
P171:014. 1.
Two women playing pool.
P171:015. 1.
Two women at a recital in gym.
P171:016. 1.
Woman dancing.
P171:017. 1.
Group of women dancing.
P171:018. 1.
Women in Gill Coliseum.
P171:019. 1.
Four women demonstrating a campsite.
P171:020. 1.
Members of a softball team. "It was a good game, but we lost.".
P171:021-P171:022. 1.
Playing volleyball.
P171:023. 1.
Dance recital.
P171:024. 1.
Playing softball.
P171:025. 1.
Playing volleyball.
P171:026. 1.
Two women playing jacks.
P171:027. 1.
Five women at a banquet.
P171:028-P171:030. 1.
Synchronized swimming. May 1964.
P171:031. 1.
Four women with bowling trophy.
P171:032. 1.
Two women and an archery bull's-eye.
P171:033-P171:034. 1.
P171:035. 1.
Northwest Field Hockey Conference, University of British Columbia vs. Univ. of Washington. Dec 1959.
P171:036. 1.
Basketball tipoff.
P171:037. 1.
Playing tetherball.
P171:038. 1.
Playing softball.
P171:039. 1.
WRA Council meeting.
P171:040. 1.
Playing softball.
P171:041. 1.
Woman dancing outside.
P171:042. 1.
Warming up in a dance class.
P171:043. 1.
Two men and two women working on canoes.
P171:044. 1.
Interpretive dance.
P171:045. 1.
Woman pulling back a bow and arrow in archery.
P171:046. 1.
Group of people playing ping pong.
P171:047. 1.
Seahorses; synchronized swimming.
P171:048. 1.
Synchronized swim meet; first place, Karen Hogarth 64.40; second place, Wyn Gourley 64.30; third place, Karen Romstad 63.15.
P171:049. 1.
Oregonians Review, two women in costumes on stage.
P171:050. 1.
Above net view of three women playing volleyball.
P171:051. 1.
Seven women at a party for WRA.
P171:052. 1.
Five women of WRA.
P171:053. 1.
Practicing tennis.
P171:054. 1.
Three women sitting on a diving board.
P171:055. 1.
Women's Building entrance. circa 1955.
P171:056. 1.
Five women, including one "coach," using canoes.
P171:057. 1.
Closeup of two women tennis players meeting at the net.
P171:058. 1.
Five women in Watershow (synchronized swimming). 1956.
P171:059. 1.
Synchronized swimming. May 1964.
P171:060. 1.
P171:061. 1.
Seahorses; synchronized swimming.
P171:062. 1.
Playing jacks.
P171:063-P171:064. 1.
Playing shuffleboard.
P171:065. 1.
Five women.
P171:066. 1.
P171:067. 1.
Playing basketball.
P171:068. 1.
Dance recital.
P171:069. 1.
Playing marbles.
P171:070-P171:074. 1.
Synchronized swimming (Seahorses); around the pool, in the water, in the locker room;. May 1964.
P171:075. 1.
New student week chairperson and committee.
P171:076-P171:077. 1.
Synchronized swimming. 1964.
P171:078. 1.
Co-membership chairs.
P171:079. 1.
Four members.
P171:080-P171:083. 1.
Synchronized swimming (Seahorses); around the pool, in the water, in the locker room. May 1964.
P171:084. 1.
Crew. Feb 1964.
P171:085. 1.
Seahorses practicing synchronized swimming. May 1964.
P171:086. 1.
Synchronized swimming. Feb 1964.
P171:087. 1.
Group of women on steps in front of a house.
P171:088. 1.
Woman and man in front of an archery bull's-eye.
P171:089-P171:093. 1.
Individual portraits (unidentified).
P171:094. 1.
Close up of woman dancing.
P171:095. 1.
Playing volleyball.
P171:096. 1.
Woman drawing/doodling on an easel.
P171:097. 1.
Close-up of woman dancing.
P171:098. 1.
Woman and man in front of an archery bull's-eye.
P171:099. 1.
Group of women in WRA office.
P171:100-P171:101. 1.
Individual portraits (unidentified).
P171:102-P171:103. 1.
Playing tennis; color prints.
P171:104. 1.
Four women with tennis trophies; color print.
P171:105. 1.
Playing tennis; color print.
P171:106. 1.
Cross country skiing.
P171:107. 1.
Playing volleyball.
P171:108. 1.
Playing tennis; color print.
P171:109. 1.
Public relations committee and chairperson.
P171:110. 1.
Health and Safety Chairperson standing next to a piano.
P171:111. 1.
Playing basketball.
P171:112-P171:115. 1.
Individual portraits (unidentified).
P171:116. 1.
Unidentified woman playing jacks.
P171:117. 1.
P171:118. 1.
Small band playing while people dance.
P171:119. 1.
Two women playing croquet.
P171:120-P171:121. 1.
Two women riding horses.
P171:122. 1.
Six women of WRA on steps of building.
P171:123. 1.
Closeup of two women tennis players meeting at the net.