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Ava Milam Clark and Jesse C. Clark Photographic Collection, ca. 1890-1968

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P152:01. 1.
Composite photograph of the Class of 1904. 1904.

J.C. Rinehart, T.W. Scott, Etta Carter, G.W. Moore, J.R. Howard, Lucy Dilley, Juanita Rosendorf, J.C. Burns, P.A. Cupper, J.W. Buster, Lena Rusk, H.G. Brodie, Nellie Pate, J.T. Witty, A.S. Wells, T.W. Espey, Blanche Hershner, M.W. Bartmess, Mary Sutherland, V.C. Staats, Isabel Whitby, D. Hirgtel, Maude Cochran, E.P. Jackson, C.L. Proebstel, Carrie Byerlee, Etta Fuller, Inez St. Germain, C.C. Cate, A.S. Hall, E.E. Hinrichs, A.O. Horton, W.H. Weeks, Jesse C. Clark, C.L. Shepard.

P152:02. 1.
Jesse C. Clark and group when he was at Seaman's House under the YMCA at New York. ca. 1935.
P152:03. 1.
The Jesse C. Clark family in White Plains, New York. ca. 1941.
P152:04. 1.
Model village in Shanghai, China. Built by the YMCA, designed by J.C. Clark. ca. 1935.
P152:05. 1.
ROTC Cadets, J.C. Clark. 1905.
P152:06. 1.
J.C. Clark and friends. ca. 1905.
P152:07. 1.
J.C. Clark and friends in China. ca. 1920.
P152:08. 1.
J.C. Clark and Ava Bertha Milam on their wedding day in Whittier, California. Nov. 1, 1952.
P152:09. 1.
Ancil Milam (b. 1854) - Ava Milam Clark's father. ca. 1920.
P152:10. 1.
Ava Milam Clark's house, 127 North 26th Street.
P152:11. 1.
Ava Milam Clark and her class at Blees Military Academy, Macon, Missouri. ca. 1905.
P152:12. 1.
Ava Milam Clark and Miss Kaufman. ca. 1955. color slide
P152:13. 1.
Jesse C. Clark and friend. ca. 1955. color slide
P152:14. 1.
Ava Milam Clark and friends. ca. 1955. color slide
P152:15. 1.
McKenzie Bridge, Ava Milam Clark, Ruth Hammond. ca. 1955. color slide
P152:16. 1.
McKenzie, Oregon. ca. 1955. color slide
Ava Milam Clark's home at 127 North 26th Street, Corvallis.
P152:17. 1.
Living room.
P152:18-P152:19. 1.
P152:21. 1.
Mary Louisa Milam - Ava Milam Clark's mother. ca. 1900.
P152:22. 1.
Ava Milam Clark. 1949.
P152:23. 1.
Ancil Milam - Ava Milam Clark's father.
P152:24. 1.
Portrait of unidentified woman (perhaps Home Economics faculty).
P152:25. 1.
Jesse C. Clark family in Kuling, China. ca. 1930.
P152:26-P152:32. 1.
Ginling College Home Management House in Ginling, China. Spring 1947.
P152:33. 1.
Elva Widlund Everest (Class of 1933) with Chinese interpreter. 1968.
P152:34. 1.
Sh'h Chien Home Economics College, China. 1968.
P152:35. 1.
Photo album of Ava Milam Clark's 1948 trip to China and Japan.

The album includes about 90 photographs and postcards of the group before their departure and on board the ship "Empress of Russia" enroute, various landmarks and sites in Shanghai, Nanking, and Tokyo including the Great Wall; groups of people they visited; and the interiors of homes and gardens in China and Japan.

P152:36. 1.
Composite of portraits of five women, including Ava Milam Clark; perhaps Home Economics faculty.
P152:37. 1.
Mounted albumen print of a family (3 women, one man, and 4 young girls). ca. 1890.