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Crop Science Department Photographic Collection, 1937-2010

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes photographs taken of a Crop Science Department staff meeting in 1975, an award ceremony for Gordon Van Riper, and the 1974 Crop Science Field Day at the Hyslop Agronomy Farm. Emphasized in the images of the Field Day are wheat and barley varieties at the farm. The photos were taken by Robert W. Henderson.

The photographs also include images taken by Farm Crop Department staff of Farm Crops Club field trips in Oregon and Washington, various kinds of plowing machinery, and examples of wind and water erosion. Among the places featured in the field trip images are the Oregon towns of Moro, Hermiston, Pendleton and Astoria, and the Washington towns of Yakima and Walla Walla. Of additional interest in the field trip photos are images of the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam.

Accession 2002:074 includes prints of Crop Science and Farm Crops buildings created from born digital originals. Also included in this accession are three "proof sheets" printed out on copier paper from three rolls of fifty-nine digital images taken of the Crop Science and Farm Crops buildings.

In Accession 2007:061 photographs depict Crop and Soil Science Department events such as picnics, retirement parties, and tours. There are eighty prints in total. Included among those documented in these images are: Dale Moss, Sheldon Ladd, Russ Karow, Daryl Ehrensing, Barb Reed, Bill Young, Fred Crowe, Mike Moore, Thayne Dutson, Doris Aponte, and Don Grabe.

Accession 2010:001 includes two CDs containing images of Crop and Soil Science faculty/staff and students that were scanned by professor emeritus Arnold Appleby. In addition to portrait shots, these images also depict early (pre-World War II) agricultural operations in Oregon and OSU research projects. Lists of the people featured on the images are also included with the files. Some of these images originate from OSU Archives collections.

Accession 2012:031 is made up of portrait shots of Crop and Soil Science professors Dale Moss and Elizabeth Sulzman. Numbering 25 prints and 15 negatives, these images also document at least four other unidentified faculty/staff members.

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