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Jackman, Edwin Russell, Photographic Collection, ca. 1875-1964

Scope and Content Note

Jackman acquired photos from the Soil Conservation Service, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, and the Oregon State Highway Commission. The photographs pertain to a variety of agricultural subjects, such as forage and seed crops, dairy and beef cattle, grain crops, erosion, orchards, and planting and harvesting. Several photos depict The Oregon Desert co-author Reub Long. A large number of images are recent prints of late 19th and early 20th century photographs. Several were taken in Burns and Harney County, and depict Paiute Indians, hunting and fishing, cattle, and other subjects. Other photographers and photography studios represented include R.W. Heck (Burns), Merritt Parks, Joe Van Wormer, Bus Howdyshell, Rey Parodi, Eastman's Studio (Lakeview), and the Coquille Studio.

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