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Adolph Ziefle Photograph Collection, circa 1890 - circa 1945

Biographical Note:

Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Adolph Ziefle, was born August 19, 1882 at Fosters Station near Ann Arbor Michigan. From the University of Michigan he received the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist in 1904 and an M.S. degree in 1909. In 1907, Ziefle was appointed to the position of drug chemist for the Kansas State Board of Health as well as professor of pharmacy at the University of Kansas. He remained in that position until 1909 when he was appointed the head of the School of Pharmacy at North Dakota State College.

In 1914, Adolph Ziefle came to Oregon Agricultural College as head of the pharmacy department which under his guidance became the School of Pharmacy in 1917, receiving a Class A rating from the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties. In addition to writing a book titled History of Pharmacy in Oregon, Ziefle is responsible for drawing the plans for the pharmacy building on campus which was known for being very well planned and equipped. After receiving an honorary degree of Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1929, Ziefle continued to develop and advance pharmacy education and remained the Dean of the School of Pharmacy until his retirement in 1945.

Ziefle was married to Crescence Fehr in 1911 and had no children. He died on October 12, 1963.

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