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College of Forestry Photograph Collection, 1910-2006

Scope and Content Note

Accession 1999:039 consists of portraits and other photographs of College of Forestry faculty members and alumni; and photographs of Peavy Hall, including the groundbreaking and the newly completed building.

Accession 2001:057 consists of prints depicting the construction of the Oregon Forest Research Laboratory. The images include views on the ground at the construction site (both the interior and exterior of the building) and aerial shots of the site. Included among these prints are four photos of the dedication ceremony of the Laboratory and of members of the Forest Research Laboratory Advisory Committee and the OSU College of Forestry. Located on 30th and Western Boulevard in Corvallis, the Oregon Forest Research Laboratory was originally constructed for use by the state of Oregon. In the 1960s, the custody and use of the building was transferred to OSU which employed the space for research until the completion of Richardson Hall in 1999. The building is now known as the Oak Creek Building.

Accession 2003:017 contains images depicting lumber operations in Salem, Oregon and Arden, Washington, aerial views of the Blodgett Forest Tract in Columbia County and the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest, and a contour map of Peavy Arboretum. The slides were prepared for a presentation to the annual Fernhopper Banquet in 1985 on the McDonald Research Forest. There is a cassette sound recording that accompanies the presentation, but no transcript.

Accession 2004:046 consists of photographs that depict pine needle and tree leaf studies, forested recreational areas, a bristlecone pine forest, lumber and other kinds of processed wood, and a slide presentation on the history of forestry in the U.S. Also included in this transfer are various images of trees donated to the university from dendrologist Oliver Matthews. These photographs are accompanied by a letter from Matthews with further details about the images.

Accession 2006:040 is made up of images depicting the Blodgett Tract research forest in Columbia County, Oregon. Documenting experimental seeding and planting plot activity in the Blodgett Tract, these images were taken a few years after extensive logging and slash fires cleared the land in the mid-1930s.

Accession 2009:046 consists of photographic images generated and collected by the College of Forestry that reflect the management and history of the research forests administered by OSU. These images document various activities in the McDonald-Dunn and Blodgett Research Forests that include: archaeological work, stream surveys, tours of the forest by staff, classification of plant/flower species, tree harvesting operations, and owl research. Aerial views of the McDonald-Dunn Forest and the surrounding Corvallis area taken in 1936 and 1944 were also found in this transfer. Another series of aerial photographs in this accession depict a variety of lumber mills in Oregon, Washington, California, and Montana. These images also include historical views of the McDonald-Dunn Forest during its function as Camp Arboretum (a Civilian Conservation Corps camp) as well as farms and communities in the region such as Soap Creek Valley. Most of these images were collected through oral history projects with local residents, alumni of Camp Arboretum, and College of Forestry staff.

Accession 2011:024 contains portrait shots of Forestry staff which are listed alphabetically by name in the inventory. About one-third of the photographs depict research projects conducted at the research forests and in the Forest Research Lab on campus. Among the research topics represented in these images are: wood preservation, wood drying, tension analysis, stream water quality, laminated siding tests, tree fiber analysis and hardboard processing. This transfer also includes correspondence, notes, maps, logo samples, and publication guidelines produced over the course of developing graphic designs for posters, brochures, event invitations, workshop presentations, and the One Percent for Art Program (Richardson Hall installation). Many of the images described in this accession were created for use in annual reports, newsletters, and other printed matter.

Accession 2013:058 is made up of photographic images featured in various articles, publications, and reports reflecting research conducted by College of Forestry faculty. In addition to annual reports, the images were published in circulars, informational brochures, bulletins, research journals, and meeting proceedings. Numbering about 592 photographs in total (480 prints, 50 negatives and 62 slides), the images depict projects at the Forestry Research Lab, forestry students doing fieldwork, lumber processing, logging operations, tree specimen samples, forest streams, and portrait shots of forestry faculty. Among the subjects documented in the published works where these images were featured include: lumber drying, douglas fir seedling survival, yarding delays in timber harvesting, buffer strips for creeks, bioassay research, the strength of fasteners in plywood joints, skyline logging, insect damage to wood, and pole preservation studies. Faculty pictured in the photographs are Carl Stoltenberg, Daris Adams, and Henry Froehlich.

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