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Financial Aid Photographs, circa 1933

Biographical Note

John Frederick Allen (born 1875) was a native of Corvallis, Oregon. He graduated from OSC in 1895 and started practicing pharmacy in 1896. He was in business in Corvallis until 1902. Allen organized the O.S.P.A. Loan Fund for OSC in 1925. He was also an officer of Oregon State Pharmaceutical Association and treasurer and director of O.S.P.A. Loan Fund.

A native of Kentucky, John T. Apperson (1834-1917) joined the wagon train for Oregon with his parents in 1847. His father died en route, but the rest of the family settled in Oregon City. He was the owner and operator of steamboats on the Willamette, and participated in the California Gold Rush of 1849. Apperson was a member of the 1st Oregon Cavalry during the Civil War, and a member of the state house and senate from 1870-1889. He was also a member of the Board of Regents of OSC from 1885 until his death in 1917.

Winfred McKenzie Atwood was born July 25, 1883 in Aurelia, Iowa. He received his A.B. degree in 1907 and his A.M. in 1910 from Cornell University. He received his M.S. in 1911, and his Ph.D. in 1913 from the University of Chicago. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappi – Sigma Xi. Atwood was a professor of plant physiology at OSC from 1913-1949. He was also Chairman of the Student Loan Board from its origin in 1918 until his retirement in 1949.

A native of Norway, Simon Benson (born 1852) came to the United States in 1868, and moved to Oregon in 1879. Benson was active in the logging and timber business until 1910. He built the first successful sea-going log raft, and helped originate modern methods of logging. He is the Founder of the Benson Polytechnical School in Portland, Oregon.

A native of Oregon, Robert Asbury Booth (born 1858) graduated from Umpqua Academy in Wilbur, Oregon in 1875. He was the principal at Oregon State Normal School in Drain, Oregon from 1886-1887. He organized the First National Bank in Grants Pass in 1889, and the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company in 1897. Booth was also a Member of the Board Highway Commissioners for five years, during which time the board oversaw the expenditure of fifty million dollars for new and improved roads. Booth was also one of the founders of the Loan Fund for this Oregon Agricultural College.

Born in Corvallis, Oregon, Ida Burnett Callahan (1863-1932) received her B.S. from Oregon State College in 1881. She then attended the University of California and Columbia University. She taught at OSC for 42 years. She was also President of the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs, a Past Matron of the OES, Past President of the PEO, twice President of the Corvallis Woman's Club, and a member of the Student Loan Board.

Edward Grant Crawford (1868-1923) was born on the Crawford donation land claim in present-day Kelso, Washington. He was educated in the country schools of Cowlitz Country. He was married to Ida May Goss in 1888. Crawford was active in the direction of the United States National Bank in Portland. By his will made jointly with his wife, the couple established the Crawford Educational Loan Fund.

Born in McClean, Illinois, Ida May Goss Crawford was educated in the public and high school of Bloomingdale, Illinois. She came with her parents to Vancouver, Washington in 1879, and married Edward Grant Crawford in 1888. She died on January 8, 1924.

Born in Ireland while his parents were visiting from America, Dr. Bernard Daly (1858-1920) earned his Master of Science degree from Ohio Normal University. He achieved his M.D. from the University of Kentucky in 1887. Daly practiced medicine in Lakeview, Oregon from 1887 until a few years before his death. Dr. Daly was active in banking, real estate, and cattle interests. He was also a member of the house and senate of the Oregon legislature from 1892-1896. He is the founder of the Bernard Daly Educational Fund.

William Elmer Harmon (1862-1928) was a native of Ohio. He spent his youth in Native American Territory where his father was stationed with the Army. He attended Normal University in Lebanon, Ohio and was active in city real estate throughout the east, particularly in New York and Boston. Harmon was also the director of several banks in New York City. He is the founder of the Harmon Foundation.

A. Grace Johnson (1878-1933) attended Indianapolis Teachers College, Purdue University, and received her B.S. at Columbia University in 1915, and her M.A. in 1926. She also studied Home Economics in England in the summer of 1929. She was a teacher in a village and country school in Indiana and associated with the School of Home Economics at OSC from 1915-1933 as instructor, professor, and Head of Department of Household Administration. During 1931-32 she served as Acting Dean of the School. Johnson was also associated with the OSC Student Loan Fund as a Loan Board Member for more than a decade in the latter part of her life. In addition she was active as a member of the Wesley Foundation Board of the local Methodist Church; Omicron Nu and Kappa Delta Pi; Helmet Club in New York City; the American Home Economics Association; D.A.R.; A.A.U.W.; and the American Association of Professors.

A native of Illnois, R.M. Johnston (born 1857) attended Purdue University. He was a successful stock raiser in Kansas. He came to Oregon in 1909, entering business in Corvallis. Johnston had two children graduate from OSC, each earning their master's degree.

Ashby Pierce was born in 1821 and died in 1892.

Born in San Francisco in 1852, and educated at the Portland Academy, Ben Selling became a Portland merchant in January 1868. He was a member of the Port of Portland, a member and first president of the Dock Commission, and President of the Public Welfare Bureau. Selling was also the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Oregon Legislature; President of the Oregon Senate; Republican nominee for United States Senator; and acting governor of Oregon. In addition, he was President of the Federated Jewish Societies; chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee; President of the first Hebrew Benevolent Association; and contributed $100,000 to the Cincinnati Jewish Library.

Born in New York, Arthur Palmer Tifft (1872-1919) attended Willamette and Cornell Universities. He was admitted to the Bar of Oregon in 1905 and was the President of the Oregon Pan American Commission.

Born near Buffalo, New York, Joan C. Palmer Tifft (1850-1925) was educated in New York state where she lived until she came to Oregon. She was married to Mr. Tifft, who was a veteran of the Civil War. She died in Portland, Oregon in 1925 and bequeathed her estate to the OAC Student Loan Fund in honor of her son, Arthur Palmer Tifft.

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