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Oregon Community Surveys, 1925-1936

Historical Note:

Data for the Oregon Community Surveys was compiled in 1925, 1930, and 1936. The 1936 surveys were done under the auspices of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Works Progress Administration and were conducted by C.S. Hoffman, Assistant State Supervisor of Rural Research. Hoffman completed an MS in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at Oregon State Agricultural College (OSAC) in 1932; his thesis was an analysis of methods used in rural community surveys. Hoffman earned a BS in Commerce from OSAC in 1930.

The 1925 surveys were conducted by S. Briggs, J. H. Kolb, M. Patten, R. Walp, and E. Wootton. The 1930 surveys were conducted by Luther S. Cressman, a Sociology Professor at the University of Oregon. In 1935, Cressman founded the Anthropology Department at the University of Oregon which he headed until 1963. His archeological work at Fort Rock in the late 1930s established that humans had lived in the Pacific Northwest 4,500 years earlier than previously thought. The 1925 and 1930 surveys may have been done in conjunction with the Bureau of Agricultural Economics and/or the Extension Service.

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