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Oregon State University Cultural Centers Oral History Collection, 2013-2014

Content Description

The collection consists of twelve born digital audio recordings of interviews with undergraduate and graduate student employees of the OSU Native American Longhouse and Asian & Pacific Cultural Center. These recordings were originally captured in *.wav format, files which have been saved as preservation copies for each interview. Access *.mp3 files have been created for each interview as well. All interviews held in the collection have been transcribed by the staff of the Special Collections & Archives Research Center. Researcher access to both the collection's audio and transcripts is available on site and online.

All Series I interviews were conducted by either Natalia Fernández, the Oregon Multicultural Librarian and a staff member of the Special Collections & Archives Research Center, or Dr. Natchee Barnd, professor of Ethnic Studies at Oregon State University. Topics touched upon include: Native American culture; working at the OSU Native American Longhouse; events hosted by or affiliated with the Native American Longhouse; the Quonset hut and Eena Haws Native American Longhouse facilities; diversity initiatives at OSU; the evolution of interviewees' personal identities as people of color; negotiating life at OSU as a student of color; and the future role of the Native American Longhouse both on campus and in the community.

All Series II interviews were conducted by Natalia Fernández. Topics discussed include: students' experiences of working in the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center; perspectives on the significance of the new APCC building, which was under construction at the time of each interview; collaborations with other student groups on campus; the development of personal identities during students' college years; and ideas on the future of the APCC.

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