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History of Science Oral History Collection, 2009-2015

Content Description

The History of Science Oral History Collection seeks to document the lives and work of scientists associated in some way with Oregon State University, with a particular emphasis placed on capturing the stories of those who knew and worked with Dr. Linus Pauling (1901-1994). Interviews have been conducted with scientists themselves as well as with family members and associates willing to share their memories of specific scientists both as individuals and historical figures.

Of particular note are the five-part series of interviews conducted with Kenneth Hedberg and documenting his long career at OSU and at the California Institute of Technology; the six-part series conducted with Stephen Lawson that focuses in large part on the forty-year history of the Linus Pauling Institute; and the eight interviews given by Linus Pauling Jr. in which he recounts his memories of growing up in a famous family and of living with a memorable name.

Most interviews have been recorded directly to digital audio and saved as wav files, with mp3 files created for researcher access. A handful of interviews were recorded to video and have been transferred to both digital video and audio formats.

All interviews have been transcribed. Materials assembled in the process of developing interview topics and permissions forms signed by interview subjects are also held on site.

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