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How OSU Grew Nuclear Science Oral Histories, 2009-2010

Scope and Content Note

The How OSU Grew Nuclear Science Oral Histories consist of interviews of Oregon State University faculty and alumni in the Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics Department that were conducted in 2009 as part of the 50th anniversary of the graduate program. The collection includes transcripts of all of the interviews (12), digital sound recordings for 10 interviews, biographical information, and signed releases.

Interviews with the following 12 individuals are part of the collection: Shirley Campbell, Wes Frey, Gordon Little, Camille Lodwick, Grant McCallum, Wanda Munn, Todd Palmer, Don Reed, Roman Schmitt, Stephen H. Shepherd, Thomas Van Witbeck and David Willis. Transcripts are available for all of the interviews; digital sound recordings are available for all of the interviews except Shirley Campbell and David Willis. Topics addressed in the interviews include the TRIGA Reactor at Oregon State, Professor Dale Trout and Chih Wang, research at Oregon State on lunar rock samples, Radiation Center business management, contamination control, and the experiences of women students and employees in nuclear engineering.

Biographical materials documenting the career of Ray D. Walton that were compiled by Carl Cooley for an award nomination are also included. Walton was not interviewed as part of the oral history project. A timeline of major events in the development of the OSU Radiation Center, TRIGA Reactor, and Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics is also included.

The digital sound recordings will be made available to patrons upon request. The sound recordings were primarily captured in *.wma format, with one file in *.ds2 format. All recordings have since been converted to *.wav format for preservation and *.mp3 format for patron use. Two of the interviews (Palmer and Shepherd) consist of multiple sound files.

The oral history project was organized and overseen by Anita Guerrini and Linda Richards of the Oregon State History Department. Interviews were conducted by Guerrini and Richards as well as Carmel Finley, Ken Jacobsen, Karl McCreary, Katie Parker, Doug Schulte, and Ty Volin.

Transcripts of all interviews held in this collection, as well as digitized photographs germane to the collection's subject matter, are available online through a blog published in 2009 by the OSU History of Science program.

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