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Oregon State University Alumni Oral History Collection, 2005-2014

Scope and Content Note

The bulk of the Oregon State University Alumni Oral History Collection documents an oral history project coordinated by the Oregon State University Archives. The collection includes interviews conducted with three OSU alumni -- Richard Gilkey, Robert Mace, and Jean Starker Roth -- in 2005-2007. The materials consist of digital sound recordings, transcripts, release agreements, and related documentation. Some of the digital sound recordings were captured to CD, others were born digital. The sound files were originally created in *.msv and *.cda formats; preservation *.wav files and *.mp3 use files have been created since.

The Richard Gilkey and 2005 Jean Starker Roth interviews were conducted by Wade Houck. Warren Aney conducted the 2005 interview of Robert Mace. The 2007 interviews of Jean Starker Roth were conducted by Maia Fischler of LifeWriter Personal Histories.

The interviews of Richard Gilkey address his student years at Oregon State College, his work as a student photographer, and his career as an educator. Gilkey talks in detail about some of the photographs he took as well as the technical details of taking photographs and making photographic prints. The collection includes digital sound files of the interviews and a transcript.

Robert Mace was interviewed on October 25, 2005. Mace describes his work in game management from the late 1940s until the early 1980s for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, especially his work with bighorn sheep and in developing the Watchable Wildlife program. The collection includes sound recordings on CD of the interviews, a summary of the interview, and photographs of Mace at his home in Central Point, Oregon.

The interviews of Jean Starker Roth were conducted in 2005 and 2007 and address a wide range of topics including her childhood in Corvallis and her relationship with her father, T.J. Starker; her student years at Oregon State; her work in Blue River, Oregon, and Clatsop County after graduation; life on the homefront during World War II; her husband, children, and grandchildren; her real estate and business ventures; and her many volunteer and philanthropic activities in Corvallis and at Oregon State University. The 2007 interviews formed the basis of Do Unto Others: Memories from a Lifetime of Active Involvement by Jean Starker Roth and published by LifeWriter. The collection includes digital sound files for the 2005 interviews; sound recordings on CD of the 2007 interviews; and transcripts of the interviews.

An addition to the collection, donated in 2015, consists of a cd with a recording of a 2014 interview between Alice Rampton and Whitney Ball about his father and alumnus Waldo Ball. Topics addressed on the recording include: Waldo's medical practice in Corvallis, his father William's photograph studio (Ball Studios), the meeting of Waldo and his wife Mabel, and Waldo's military service in World War I. Included with the cd is a biographical sketch of Ball, two photocopied images, and a letter from Rampton with background details about the interview. The Ball interview was originally created in *.cda format; an access *.mp3 file was created by the Special Collections & Archives Research Center.

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