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Wallace L. Kadderly Papers

Wallace L. Kadderly Papers, 1931-1963

The Kadderly Papers consist of agriculture-related materials produced or collected by Kadderly during his work overseas as a farm broadcaster on the radio.
MSS Kadderly
5 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesMaps 

Keep Oregon Green Association Records

Keep Oregon Green Association Records, 1945-1957

The Keep Oregon Green Association Records consists of minutes and annual, financial, and activities reports assembled by Paul M. Dunn, Dean of the Oregon State College School of Forestry.
MSS KeepOrGreen
0.2 cubic foot; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources 

Jackson F. Kimball Collection

Jackson F. Kimball Collection, 1910-1945

The Kimball Collection documents Jackson F. Kimball's work as a timber agent in Oregon, especially in the Klamath Falls area.
MSS Kimball
4.1 cubic feet
Natural Resources / Photographs 

Arthur S. King Papers

Arthur S. King Papers, 1931-1972

These papers were generated by Arthur S. King and document his work as the OSU Soils Extension Specialist. The materials consist primarily of publications and news articles pertaining to soils and irrigation.
MSS King
0.35 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Arthur Solomon King Photographs

Arthur Solomon King Photographs, 1967

The Arthur Solomon King Photographs document a forage tour during which OSU researchers engaged with regional farmers and agriculture students to discuss soils and soil improvement. The collection includes images from the tour and of soil cores extracted from various locations.
P 131
1 folder containing 28 photographs
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Klamath County Timber Cruising Records

Klamath County Timber Cruising Records, 1952-1955

The Klamath County Timber Cruising Records consist of field notes of timber cruises in southwestern Klamath County, Oregon, for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company.
MSS Klamath
1 cubic foot; 1 box
Natural Resources 

Edward Kolbe Research Notebook

Edward Kolbe Research Notebook, 1970-1978

The Edward Kolbe Research Notebook documents Kolbe's research on fishing trawl doors as an Oregon State University Extension Engineering Specialist at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.
MSS Kolbe
0.15 cubic foot, including 45 photographs; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Warren E. Kronstad Papers

Warren E. Kronstad Papers, 1954-2002

The Warren E. Kronstad Papers document the education, research, and teaching activities of Kronstad, a wheat researcher and Oregon State University alumnus and professor. The Papers include correspondence and subject files; materials from Kronstad's courses as a student and teacher; research data; and reference files and reprints.
MSS Kronstad
10.5 cubic feet; 11 boxes
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science