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Garman, John, Photographic Collection

Garman, John, Photographic Collection, 1894-1966

This personal collection of photographs taken and assembled by John Garman includes many studies of campus buildings and sights, as well as extensive photographic studies from vacations in the 1960s.
P 095
2 cubic feet; approx. 925 prints and 320 negatives.
University History, Multicultural Archives, Local History / Photographs 

Gifford Photographic Collection

Gifford Photographic Collection, circa 1885 - 1958

The Gifford Photographic Collection consists primarily of photographs taken by four Gifford Family photographers: Ralph I. Gifford; his father, Benjamin A. Gifford; his wife, Wanda Gifford; and his son, Ben L. Gifford. The collection also includes motion pictures filmed by Ralph I Gifford, some photographs for whom the photographer is not identified, images by other photographers, and documentary materials. The Gifford Family's photographic work began in 1888, when Benjamin A. Gifford emigrated to Portland, and continued into the 1950s. The collection documents Oregon landmarks and scenic views on the Oregon coast and in the Cascade Mountains, Willamette Valley, and central and eastern Oregon; agriculture in Oregon; and Native Americans, especially of the Columbia Plateau.
P 218
14.3 cubic feet, including 7372 photographs and 8 film reels; 82 boxes, including 7 oversize boxes; 2 map folders; and 1 film can
Multicultural Archives, Natural Resources / PhotographsVideos 

Gifford, Benjamin A., Photographs

Gifford, Benjamin A., Photographs, circa 1885 - circa 1920

The Benjamin A. Gifford Photographs consist of photographs made by Gifford during his career as a photographer in Portland and The Dalles, Oregon. The images depict Native Americans, primarily of the Columbia Plateau region; the Columbia River and the Historic Columbia River Highway; Central and Eastern Oregon; Gifford Family members; and many unidentified individuals and groups. Gifford arrived in Oregon and worked first in Portland until 1895, when he opened a studio in The Dalles. He returned to Portland in 1910.
P 218-SG 1
4.5 cubic feet, including 855 photographs; 49 boxes, including 1 oversize box, and 1 map folder
Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives / Photographs 

Ralph I. Gifford Motion Pictures

Ralph I. Gifford Motion Pictures, circa 1925-1940

The Ralph I. Gifford Motion Pictures consist of The New Oregon Trail, a tourism film photographed by Ralph I. Gifford for the Oregon State Highway Department, and unedited motion film clips of a variety of subjects, including alpine search and rescue. Ralph I. Gifford became the first photographer of the Travel and Information Department of the Oregon State Highway Commission in 1936, a position he held until his death in 1947.
P 218-SG 3
0.5 cubic foot, including 8 film reels; 1 box and 1 film can
Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives / Videos 

Gifford, Ralph I., Photographs

Gifford, Ralph I., Photographs, circa 1910s - 1947

The Ralph I. Gifford Photographs consist of images taken by Gifford throughout Oregon, primarily during the 1930s and 1940s. The photographs depict many Oregon landmarks and scenes, including the Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Mount Hood, the Wallowa Mountains, and the Snake River Canyon. The collection includes numerous images of sport fishing as well as several photographs of Native Americans. Ralph Gifford was the son of Benjamin A. Gifford and took over his father's Portland photography business around 1920. In 1936, Ralph became the first photographer of the newly established Travel and Information Department of the Oregon State Highway Department, a position he held until his death in 1947.
P 218-SG 2
2.5 cubic feet, including 2089 photographs ; 17 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes, and 1 map folder
Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives / Photographs 

F. A. Gilfillan Papers

F. A. Gilfillan Papers, 1894-1984

The F. A. Gilfillan Papers are comprised of materials generated and assembled by Francois Archibald Gilfillan, Dean of the School of Science at OSU from 1939 to 1962. The collection includes professional and family correspondence, administrative documents from OSU and other educational organizations, and materials documenting Gilfillan’s work as a public school teacher, member of the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service, and Oregon State faculty member and administrator.
MSS Gilfillan
11 cubic feet including 75 photographic prints, 725 slides, 6 audiocasettes, and 1 16mm film; 34 boxes including 1 oversize boxs
University History, History of Science, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

W.J. Gilstrap Papers

W.J. Gilstrap Papers, 1897-1950

The W.J. Gilstrap Papers consist of a memoir written by Gilstrap describing his family, education, and career as a physician as well as publications documenting his activities as an Oregon Agricultural College student and alumnus. Gilstrap earned a BS in Agriculture in 1898 from Oregon Agricultural College. After completing his medical degree in 1903, he worked as a physician and druggist in Sheridan and Portland, Oregon.
MSS Gilstrap
0.05 cubic feet; 1 box; 1 document file; 1 Mbyte
Multicultural Archives, University History, History of Science / Born-Digital Materials 

Erlinda Gonzales-Berry Papers

Erlinda Gonzales-Berry Papers, 1982-2007

The Erlinda Gonzales-Berry Papers document the research and publishing of Gonzales-Berry in the fields of Latino literature and culture and immigration from Mexico to the United States and include publications and speeches, awards, photographs, sound recordings, and a videotape. Gonzales-Berry was chair of the Oregon State University Ethnic Studies Department from 1997 until 2007.
MSS Gonzales-Berry
0.5 cubic foot, including 14 photographs and 1 videotape; 2 boxes, including one oversize box
University History, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Greek Life Office Records

Greek Life Office Records, 1960-2006

The Greek Life Office Records consist of materials pertaining to various fraternity and sorority chapters at OSU, including material collected by Director for Greek Life, Bob Kerr.
RG 223
2.88 cubic feet; 5 archives boxes
University History, Multicultural Archives