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Frank P. McWhorter Papers, 1942-1961

Biographical Note:

Frank P. McWhorter was born in Nashville, Tennessee on April 20, 1896. He received his B.S. degree from Vanderbilt in 1917, Master Degree in 1920 from the University of Chicago, and his Ph. D from Cornell in 1928. McWhorter married Margaret Myers in January of 1922 and was the father of one son, Malcolm M., a 1946 OSU graduate. McWhorter was a plant pathologist with the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA. He came to Oregon State in 1930, and was stationed at the OSU Agricultural Experiment Station. His specialty was the study of viruses affecting lilies, gladiolus, and other flowers. McWhorter authored more than 140 technical and semi-technical publications, as well as the 1956 book, Diseases and Pests of Lilies. McWhorter was skilled in black and white photography, especially the photographing of diseased plant specimens. He took a leave of absence from March 1958 to April 1959 to become vicologist to the Philippine Government at the request of the United Nations. He studied and success fully identified Kadang Kadang, a disease that affected 35 percent of the coconut trees there. McWhorter retired from OSU in 1967, was honored as Professor Emeritus, and died November 16, 1985 at Carmel, California.

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