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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Oregon

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Oregon, 1879-1956

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Oregon are an extensive collection of detailed maps of 178 towns and cities in Oregon beginning in the 1880s. The maps depict both business and residential areas and provide information about the location of structures and type of construction.
MAPS Sanborn
25 cubic feet, including 5571 maps; 28 boxes, including 25 oversize boxes
Local History, Natural Resources / Maps 

Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, 1972-1982

The Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest include a variety of satellite images and aerial photographs depicting Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. Most of the images are at a small scale and depict large areas; more detailed images of Mt. St. Helens in Washington and the Oregon Coast are part of the collection.
MAPS Satellite
1 cubic foot, including 17 items; 3 map folders
University History, Natural Resources / PhotographsMaps 

Harry August Schoth Papers

Harry August Schoth Papers, 1910-1970

The Schoth Papers document research in cover crops (vetches and clovers), forage crops, and turf and other grasses conducted by Schoth as an agronomist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture at Oregon State College.
MSS Schoth
7.1 cubic feet
University History / PhotographsMaps 

Siuslaw National Forest Aerial Photographs

Siuslaw National Forest Aerial Photographs, 1972-1974

The Siuslaw National Forest Aerial Photographs consist of photographic prints of the southern half of the Siuslaw National Forest and include images of the Oregon coast as well as the Coast Range. The photographs were made by the U.S. Forest Service in the summers of 1972 and 1974.
P 292
1.25 cubic feet, including 1119 photographs; 4 boxes
Natural Resources / PhotographsMaps 

Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection

Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection, 1969-1993

The Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection consists of documents assembled by E. Charles Meslow pertaining to the northern spotted owl controversy in the Pacific Northwest during the 1980s and early 1990s. The documents include published and unpublished materials such as scientific reports, correspondence, management plans and proposals, environmental impact statements, news articles, and documents submitted in litigation. Meslow conducted research on the northern spotted owl with the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit at Oregon State University and served on the Interagency Scientific Committee established in 1988 to address conservation of the northern spotted owl.
MSS SpottedOwl
16.25 cubic feet; 48 boxes and 2 map folders
University History, Natural Resources / Maps 

Eugene Starr Papers

Eugene Starr Papers, 1911-1988

Eugene Starr (1901-1988) enjoyed a widespread reputation as a distinguished scientist and engineer. A 1923 graduate of Oregon Agricultural College, he achieved international recognition for his work in the fields of electrical engineering and nuclear physics. In 1958 Starr was awarded the Department of the Interior's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award, for his work with the Bonneville Power Administration. Starr's papers include personal correspondence and scientific reports, with a focus on his work in nuclear fission and the transmission of high-voltage electricity.
MSS Starr
115 linear feet; 235 boxes
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsMaps 

Benjamin B. Stout Papers

Benjamin B. Stout Papers, 1959-2006

The Benjamin B. Stout Papers consist of materials created or assembled by Stout in his work as a forestry researcher, professor and university administrator, and writer. Stout earned forestry degrees from West Virginia, Harvard, and Rutgers Universities. He held positions at Harvard University, Rutgers University, and the University of Montana until 1985 when he joined the National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI).
MSS Stout
6 cubic feet; 6 boxes
University History, Natural Resources / Maps  

Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers

Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers, 1928-1956

The Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers document Stuhr's research and writing on medicinal plants and the pharmacy profession. Stuhr served on the faculty of the Oregon State College School of Pharmacy from 1927 to 1944.
MSS Stuhr
0.5 cubic feet; 1 box and 1 map folder
University History, History of Science / Maps