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History of Science: H (21)

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J.R. Haag Papers

J.R. Haag Papers, 1927-1964

The J.R. Haag Paper consist of research materials generated by Haag over the course of his tenure working with the Agricultural Experiment Station's Department of Agricultural Chemistry.
MSS Haag
6.7 cubic feet; 6 archives boxes and 2 document boxes
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources 

Barton C. Hacker Papers

Barton C. Hacker Papers, 1955-1995

The Barton C. Hacker Papers document Hacker’s career as a historian of radiation safety, and primarily consist of materials related to his service as historian to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Dosimetry Research Project, beginning in 1979. The collection also contains general research materials, committee documents, and conference proceedings and papers.
MSS HackerB
2.1 cubic feet; 6 boxes
History of Science 

Thomas Hager Papers

Thomas Hager Papers, 1898-2010

Thomas Hager (born 1953) is a professional science writer best known for having authored Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling (Simon & Schuster, 1995). He has also published more than one-hundred articles and six books, most of which focus on scientific topics and, in particular, the life and work of Linus Pauling. The Hager Papers consist of documents collected by Hager in his writing of Force of Nature, The Demon Under the Microscope: From Battlefield Hospitals to Nazi Labs, One Doctor's Heroic Search for the World's First Miracle Drug (Harmony, 2006), and The Alchemy of Air: A Jewish Genius, a Doomed Tycoon, and the Scientific Discovery That Fed the World but Fueled the Rise of Hitler (Three Rivers Press, 2008).
MSS Hager
32 linear feet
History of Science / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesPhotographs 

Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection

Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection, 1943-1986

This Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection contains a series of government documents and internal technical reports the focus of which is environmental monitoring at the Hanford Site, a nuclear production complex in southeast Washington that was constructed beginning in 1943 and fully decommissioned in 1987. Included among the collection's environmental monitoring reports are documents related to effluent releases into the environment, both planned and unplanned.
MSS Hanford
7 linear feet, 18 boxes
History of Science

Henry Paul Hansen Papers

Henry Paul Hansen Papers, 1907-1989

These papers were generated and collected by Henry Hansen, a paleobotanist, who served as Dean of the Graduate school at Oregon State College until 1971. The collection includes research materials, field notes and publications.
MSS HansenHP
2 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / PhotographsMaps 

Harriet's Photograph Collection

Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996

Harriet's Collection - named for the first University Archivist, Harriet Moore - is an artificial collection of photographic images documenting the full range of Oregon State University programs and activities from its founding as Corvallis College in 1868. The collection consists of about 25 cubic feet of photographic prints and negatives (approximately 30,000 items) dating from the late 19th century to the present.
25 cubic ft.; approx. 30,000 items.
Multicultural Archives, University History, Natural Resources, History of Science, Local History / Photographs 

Milton Harris Papers

Milton Harris Papers, 1925-1996

Milton Harris (1908-1991), a 1926 graduate of Oregon Agricultural College, was a lifelong supporter of OSU who, in 1984, established the university's first fully-endowed professorship. In 1945, Harris founded his own research laboratory, which later became a subsidiary of the Gillette Company. A holder of 35 patents and a very active member of the scientific community, Harris also enjoyed a six-year term as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Chemical Society.
MSS Harris
22 linear feet; 39 boxes
University History, History of Science / Photographs 

Hatfield Marine Science Center Photographs

Hatfield Marine Science Center Photographs, 1965-1997

The Hatfield Marine Science Center Photographs consist of images of the Center's facilities in Newport Oregon; Yaquina Bay and the Oregon coast at Newport; and Oregon State University's research vessels. The Marine Science Center was established by Oregon State University in 1965 as a marine laboratory for research, education, and outreach.
P 254
0.05 cubic foot, including 40 photographs; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs 

Hatfield Marine Science Center Records

Hatfield Marine Science Center Records, 1961-2005

The records of the Hatfield Marine Science Center document the development and administration of the center, as well as its instructional and research functions.
RG 194
3.1 cubic feet; The Hatfield Marine Science Center Records are housed in 4 cubic foot boxes, 1 oversize box, and 1 oversize drawer.
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesMaps 

Hatfield Marine Science Center Videotapes

Hatfield Marine Science Center Videotapes, 1968-1998

The Hatfield Marine Science Center Videotapes document the research activities and public programs of the Center.
FV P 254
0.3 cubic foot, including 8 videotapes; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Videos 

Roger Hayward Papers

Roger Hayward Papers, 1899-2007

Roger Hayward (1899-1979) was a talented artist, architect and inventor who collaborated extensively with Linus Pauling as illustrator of many of Pauling's books and journal publications. Hayward is also remembered as an expert on the subject of optics who played an important role in the development of the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. His papers contain a large volume of correspondence, dozens of manuscripts and a number of sketchbooks that document both his artistic skill and his scientific acumen.
MSS Hayward
15 linear feet, 33 boxes
History of Science / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Kenneth W. Hedberg Papers

Kenneth W. Hedberg Papers, 1966-1986

The Kenneth W. Hedberg Papers consist of two sets of correspondence between Linus Pauling and representatives of Oregon State University, including Ken Hedberg, President James Jensen, President Robert MacVicar, and President John Byrne, regarding Pauling's relationship with the University and the donation of his personal papers. Kenneth Hedberg graduated from Oregon Agricultural College and is an OSU professor emeritus of chemistry as well as a former Caltech colleague of Linus Pauling.
MSS Hedberg
0.01 cubic foot; 1 folder
University History, History of Science 

Robert W. Henderson Papers

Robert W. Henderson Papers, 1933-2003

The Robert W. Henderson Papers document Henderson's student years at Oregon State College; his work with Kasetsart University in Thailand; his resarch as a plant breeder and an Assistant Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station; his long-time interest in photography; and the slide presentations he developed about OSU agricultural research. Henderson graduated from Oregon State College in 1938 and served as a faculty member and administrator at OSU from 1946 until his retirement in 1976.
MSS Henderson
10 cubic feet, including 650 photographs, 128 sound recordings, 4 films, and 1 video; 11 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives, History of Science, Local History / VideosSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Jerry D. Hendricks Papers

Jerry D. Hendricks Papers, 1965-2008

The Jerry D. Hendricks Papers document the research conducted by Hendricks using rainbow trout and zebrafish as models for cancer prevention; the collection consists primarily of research project records. Hendricks was a faculty member in Food Science and in Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University from 1975 until his retirement in 2003.
MSS Hendricks
12.3 cubic feet, including 600 photographs; 13 boxes
University History, History of Science / Photographs 

Herbarium Photographs

Herbarium Photographs, 1904-1963

The Herbarium Photographs were made or assembled by curators of the Herbarium and students in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. The images depict a variety of subjects including Pacific Northwest species of plants and trees, the Oregon Agricultural College greenhouses, botany research and teaching, and logging operations.
P 093
0.25 cubic ft.; ca. 80 items
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs 

Herbarium Records

Herbarium Records, 1915-1991

The Herbarium Records document the collecting of plant specimens by Oregon State University and include correspondence regarding specimens, exchange lists, gift records. The records also include correspondence of Helen Gilkey, Herbarium curator from 1918 to 1951.
RG 117
1.35 cubic ft.; 8 microfilm reels
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science 

Charter Heslep Papers

Charter Heslep Papers, 1932-1963

The Charter Heslep Papers are primarily comprised of materials dating from Heslep's time as an employee of the Atomic Energy Commission. The collection includes correspondence, speeches, ephemera, photographs, and sound recordings relating to Charter Heslep's work with the AEC, with emphasis on his efforts to televise U.S. nuclear tests on behalf of the Commission.
MSS Heslep
0.75 cubic feet, including 165 photographs; 2 boxes
History of Science / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Hoover Dam Construction Photograph Album

Hoover Dam Construction Photograph Album, 1931-1934

The Hoover Dam Construction Photograph Album consists of 224 photographs depicting the construction of Hoover Dam at various stages between 1931 and 1934.
P 260
0.9 cubic foot, including 224 photographs; 1 oversize box
History of Science / Photographs 

Horner Museum Oral History Collection

Horner Museum Oral History Collection, 1952-1993

The Horner Museum Oral History Collection consists of more than 250 oral history interviews conducted or assembled by the Horner Museum. The interviews address a variety of topics including the stories of Oregon State University faculty, students, and academic departments; the history of Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon; evolving economic and cultural perspectives on natural resources in rural Oregon; the life experiences of Native Americans and other ethnic minorities in the region; and the recollections of Americans born in the first few decades of the twentieth century.
OH 10
9.8 cubic feet, including 418 audiocassettes and 103 photographs; 20 boxes
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science, Multicultural Archives, Local History / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

James C. Howland Papers

James C. Howland Papers, 1860-2008

The James C. Howland Papers consist of materials generated and assembled by Howland as an Oregon State College student in the 1930s, during his military service in World War II, as an engineer and founder of CH2M, and as a community and civic leader in Corvallis, Oregon. Howland graduated from Oregon State College in 1938.
MSS Howland
4.5 cubic feet, including 630 photographs and 1 videotape; 8 boxes, including 5 oversize boxes
University History, History of Science, Local History / PhotographsScrapbooksVideosMaps 

Albert S. Hunter Collection

Albert S. Hunter Collection, 1899-1961

The Albert S. Hunter Collection consists of research records, publications, and photographs of the Columbia Basin Wheat Project and of rubber research projects in California and Texas. It also includes several early-20th century photographs of Oregon and California scenes that were collected by Hunter.
MSS Hunter
1.9 cubic feet; 1 archives box, 1 document box, 1 12x17 oversize box
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs