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History of Science: G (11)

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John H. Gallagher, Sr., Collection

John H. Gallagher, Sr., Collection, 1951-1973

The Gallagher Collection consists predominantly of engineering site reports for former military sites in Oregon (Camp Adair, Camp White, and McNary Field).
MSS Gallagher
0.4 cubic feet
University History, History of Science, Local History / Photographs 

Genetics Program Records

Genetics Program Records, 1973-2009

The Genetics Program Records document the administration of the interdisciplinary graduate program in genetics at Oregon State University and provide information about the curriculum, faculty, and students. The Genetics Program was established at OSU in 1977 and was closed in 2009.
RG 242
0.6 cubic feet; 2 boxes
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science 

Louis G. Gentner Papers

Louis G. Gentner Papers, 1829-1980

These papers were generated by Louis G. Gentner, entomologist, alumnus and faculty member at Oregon State College. They document his coursework at Oregon Agricultural College, species identification and his field research regarding insect damage to vegetation.
MSS Gentner
2.2 cubic feet, including 100 photographs; 8 boxes
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs 

Geosciences Department Records

Geosciences Department Records, 1946-1996

The Geosciences Department Records contain biographical files maintained by the department as well as correspondence generated by Geology Professor William H. Taubeneck.
RG 208
0.73 cubic foot; 1 archives box and 1 file folder
University History, History of Science / Photographs 

F. A. Gilfillan Papers

F. A. Gilfillan Papers, 1894-1984

The F. A. Gilfillan Papers are comprised of materials generated and assembled by Francois Archibald Gilfillan, Dean of the School of Science at OSU from 1939 to 1962. The collection includes professional and family correspondence, administrative documents from OSU and other educational organizations, and materials documenting Gilfillan’s work as a public school teacher, member of the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service, and Oregon State faculty member and administrator.
MSS Gilfillan
11 cubic feet including 75 photographic prints, 725 slides, 6 audiocasettes, and 1 16mm film; 34 boxes including 1 oversize boxs
University History, History of Science, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Helen M. Gilkey Papers

Helen M. Gilkey Papers, 1907-1974

These papers were generated and collected by Helen Gilkey, professor of botany and curator of the Herbarium at Oregon Agricultural College until her retirement in 1951. Gilkey's botanical drawings and plant identifications made her a well-known expert in the field.
MSS GilkeyH
2 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science 

W.J. Gilstrap Papers

W.J. Gilstrap Papers, 1897-1950

The W.J. Gilstrap Papers consist of a memoir written by Gilstrap describing his family, education, and career as a physician as well as publications documenting his activities as an Oregon Agricultural College student and alumnus. Gilstrap earned a BS in Agriculture in 1898 from Oregon Agricultural College. After completing his medical degree in 1903, he worked as a physician and druggist in Sheridan and Portland, Oregon.
MSS Gilstrap
0.05 cubic feet; 1 box; 1 document file; 1 Mbyte
Multicultural Archives, University History, History of Science / Born-Digital Materials 

Douglas W. Glennie Papers

Douglas W. Glennie Papers, 1919-1966

The Douglas W. Glennie Papers consist of research records created and assembled by Glennie in his forest products chemistry research. Glennie was head of chemical research at the Forest Research Laboratory at Oregon State University from 1956 until 1964.
MSS Glennie
1 cubic foot; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science 

Kenneth L. Gordon Collection

Kenneth L. Gordon Collection, 1920-1980

The Kenneth L. Gordon collection consists of research materials developed and produced by Gordon over the course of his tenure as a Professor of Zoology at Oregon State University.
MSS Gordon
20 cubic feet; 26 boxes (various sizes)
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / PhotographsVideos 

Samuel H. Graf Collection

Samuel H. Graf Collection, 1903-1964

The Samuel H. Graf Collection includes letters to family members, a 1909 text co-written by Graf, and a scrapbook of notes and letters sent by Graf's former students and colleagues on the occasion of his retirement in 1954. Graf earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from Oregon Agricultural College in 1907-1909 and was a faculty member in engineering at Oregon State from 1909 until 1954.
MSS Graf
0.5 cubic foot, including 2 photographs; 2 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, History of Science / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Ken Gray Photograph Collection

Ken Gray Photograph Collection, 1964-1979

The Ken Gray Photograph Collection consists of prints and negatives depicting various types of insects at their larval and adult stages.
P 256
19 cubic feet, including 35,250 photographs; 19 archives boxes and 1 document box
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs