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Agnes Gregson Collection, circa 1870 - 1971

Biographical Note:

Agnes Gregson graduated from Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) in 1921 with a BS degree in Home Economics. Gregson enrolled at OAC in the fall of 1916 and attended for the 1916-1917 and 1917-1918 academic years and the fall term of 1918; she returned to OAC for the full 1920-1921 academic year. Agnes met Murray Miller at OAC and they were married by 1922. Murray completed his studies at OAC in electrical engineering in 1929. The Millers lived in Oregon City where Agnes worked for the county public library for more than 20 years.

Agnes Irene Gregson was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota on April 23, 1895 and attended school in Aberdeen until her teen years, when her family moved to Salem, Oregon. Gregson graduated from Salem High School - perhaps in 1914. She may have attended Willamette University before enrolling at OAC or during the 1918-1920 period. Agnes Gregson Miller died in 1975.

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