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John L. Fryer Papers, 1953-2001

Biographical Note:

John L. Fryer worked for 30 years as a researcher and professor in the OSU Microbiology Department. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1929, John Fryer entered Oregon State University in 1953 to study microbiology and received three degrees (B.S. 1956; M.S. 1957; Ph.D 1964) from the institution. Fryer first worked at OSU from 1957 to 1958 as a Fisheries Biologist in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. After leaving the university in 1958 for a job with the Oregon Fish Commission, Fryer returned to OSU five years later, finished his doctoral work, and assumed a post as Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology in 1964. Promoted to Professor a few years later, Fryer became Chairman of the Department in 1976 and served in that post until 1996.

Specializing in the study of infectious diseases of salmon, Fryer worked extensively with microbiologists and fish researchers internationally, assisting jointly on projects in Chile, Taiwan, and Korea. For his extensive body of research, Fryer has received a number of honors and awards, including: The Alexander von Humboldt Award, the Carski Distinguished Teaching Award, commendation from the Microbiological Society of Korea, Sigma Xi Research Award, the Japanese Society of Fish Pathology Award of Excellence, Burlingham Distinguished Professor of Agriculture Award, and OSU Personnel Association Boss of the Year. In 1994, Fryer became Professor Emeritus. Fryer was also instrumental in the establishment of the Center for Salmon Disease Research in 1994 and served as its Director until 1999.

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