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Charles Osterberg Motion Picture Films, 1961-1965

Biographical Note:

Charles Lamar Osterberg completed a Ph.D. in oceanography at Oregon State University in 1962 and established a research program in marine radioecology at Oregon State. As a graduate student, he recognized the environmental research opportunities resulting from the flow of mixed radionuclides from the Hanford nuclear facility in eastern Washington into the northeast Pacific Ocean via the Columbia River. He continued an active research program and advised 10 doctoral and 5 master's students as a faculty member. Osterberg joined the Division of Biology and Medicine at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in Germantown, Maryland in 1967; served as director of the Intenational Laboratory of Marine Radioactivity in Monaco in 1976-1979; and retired to his home state of Arizona in 1986. Osterberg died in 2004.

Osterberg received training as a photographer serving with the U.S. Air Corps in the South Pacific during World War II.

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