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Fisheries and Wildlife Films and Videotapes, 1939-1999

Historical Note

The Fish, Game and Fur Animal Management Department was created in 1935 under the jurisdiction of the School of Agriculture. Roland E. Dimick was the first department chair, a position he held until 1963. The department operated the OSC Experimental Fur Farm from 1937 to 1957 and also established field stations on Protection and Eliza Islands in Puget Sound and a fisheries lab at Yaquina, Oregon. The department's name was changed to Fish and Game Management in 1936, and in 1964 was renamed Fisheries and Wildlife. Subsequent department chairs have included Thomas G. Scott (1963-1972), Richard A. Tubb (1975-1993), Erik K. Fritzell (1994-2001) and W. Dan Edge (2001- present).

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