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KOAC-TV Films, 1947-1975

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P207:01. 1.
Klamath Falls Indian Film. made in 1973-1974. color, silent
P207:02. 1.
This Land was Theirs. 1971. color
P207:03. 1.
Cinemex Warm Springs. A-roll; color
P207:04. 1.
American Indian Art. b/w
P207:05. 1.
The Man Who Made the Plays. May 1975. color?
P207:06. 1.
Pentacle Theater. Aug. 1963. b/w negative
P207:07. 1.
Law for Laymen. b/w negative
P207:08. 1.
Otter Crest and Otter Rock. ca. 1960. 6 reels b/w
P207:09. 1.
Computer (mainframe). ca. 1960. b/w
P207:10. 1.
Gill Coliseum Dedication. ca. 1950. b/w
P207:11. 1.
Gill Coliseum Exterior. b/w
P207:12. 1.
Commencement. 1964. with sound
P207:13. 1.
Date Line - Statehouse (Richter). b/w negative
P207:14. 1.
Date Line - Colleges for Oregon's Future. negative
P207:15. 1.
Bond Measure, Dr. (Leonard W.?) Rice; public service announcement (?). 6 reels b/w
P207:16. 1.
Tax Referendum with Chancellor P.E. Lieuallen, OSU President J.H. Jensen, University of Oregon Pres. A.E. Flemming, and Leonard W. Rice. original b/w

Unidentified. ca. 1960s through early 1970s.

Box 2
4 reels b/w

Men's Basketball. 1947-1960s.

Unidentified games from 1947 through 1960s; studio interview with Paul Valenti.

Box 2
6 reels b/w

State Fair. 1959, 1962, and undated.

Films of KOAC-TV broadcasts from the Oregon State Fair in Salem.

Box 2
8 reels b/w

Great Decisions Program. 1957.

Filmed portions of four KOAC-TV telecasts of the Great Decisions Program, 1957; two of the programs are on the Middle East, one pertains to U.S. policy for Europe and Germany, and a fourth is titled "What Challenges, Opportunities for the U.S. in 1958?"; for several of the programs, the speaker is Clifford Miller of Southern Oregon College.

Box 3
4 reels b/w

With Her Own Wings. 1959 and 1964.

18 reels b/w prints and negatives
1. 3.
Oregon Origins. negative
2. 3.
Setting the Stage. negative
3. 3.
Oregon's First Residents. negative and print
4. 3.
They Came by Sea. negative
5. 3.
Overland to the Pacific. negative and print
7. 4.
Missionaries Carried the Word. negative and print
8. 4.
Old Oregon Trail. negative
9. 4.
Home Life of a Pioneer. negative
10. 4.
Oregon's Need for Government. negative and print
11. 5.
Oregon Joins the Union. negative and print
12. 5.
Stagecoach Lore. negative
13. 5.
Gold - The Rush is On. negative
14. 5.
Oregon or Bust. negative

In Our Care. 1959.

Includes footage of the following institutions:

Oregon State Hospital

Oregon Fairview Home

Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital

Oregon State Penitentiary

Oregon State Correctional Institution

MacLaren School for Boys

Hillcrest School for Girls

Oregon State School for the Deaf

Oregon State School for the Blind

Eastern Oregon State Hospital

Mid-Columbia Home

Box 6,
Box 7,
Box 8,
Can 2,
Can 3
35 reels b/w and color; negative and print; includes some kinescope negatives and prints