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KOAC-TV Films, 1947-1975

Historical Note:

KOAC-TV was established in 1957. It was administered by the Oregon State System of Higher Education's General Extension Division as part of the Department of Educational Media until the early 1980s when administration was transferred to what is now known as Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Beginning in 1957, KOAC-TV produced and broadcast several films for Great Decisions, a community program offered by the Extension Service and the Foreign Policy Association that was aimed at building informed public opinion on foreign policy.

Under contract with the Oregon Centennial Commission, KOAC produced a school series on Oregon history, "With Her Own Wings" in 1959 and distributed kinescope films of the series to Oregon schools through the Department of Visual Instruction.

The "In Our Care" series, sponsored by the Oregon State Board of Control and produced by KOAC in 1959-1960, documented Oregon's prisons, hospitals, and schools for the handicapped and delinquent. Photographer Bill Rush filmed and Bob Richter produced and directed the series.

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