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Memorial Union Videotapes, 1977-1990

Scope and Content Note

The Memorial Union Videotapes consist of recordings made of the Ceramics 80 Conference held in 1980; a videotape orientation to the Memorial Union prepared in 1989; and several recordings pertaining to George Stevens. The Ceramics 80 recordings consist of 10 3/4" Umatic videotapes. About half of these tapes contain interviews with professional ceramicists and artists invited to speak at the conference; the remainder depict various events including registration, an exhibit and reception at the Corvallis Arts Center, an informal discussion session at the end of the conference, and tile decoration at the McAlexander Fieldhouse.

The Memorial Union Orientation videotape (FV P198:1) was produced in 1989; the 14-minute videotape provides an introduction to the programs and activities of the Memorial Union and includes footage of the full range of student activities including recreational sports, the Craft Center, homecoming, Moms Weekend, the cultural centers, and student media. The videotape includes footage of all Memorial Union facilities as well as registration and commencement activities at Gill Coliseum. The collection includes 2 copies of the final production, a videotape of a sample edit, and a continuous play version (1 hour 53 min). All four videotapes are VHS format.

The George Stevens videotapes are all VHS format. They include Stevens lecturing to the Political Science 406 class on November 15, 1988 (FV P 198:2) about the student fees budgeting process at Oregon State; speakers at Stevens' retirement dinner in June 1990 (FV P198:3); and a news story about Stevens produced and aired by the KVAL-13 television station in Eugene in June 1990 (FV P198:4). The news story is reported by Ann Robinson and includes footage of many Memorial Union staff.

An addition to the collection (Accession 2015:003) consists of video recordings produced and collected by the Memorial Union. Numbering 8 VHS videotapes and 3 U-Matic tapes, these recordings document various subjects relating to the Memorial Union including a profile on artist Henk Pander, Memorial Union Program Council field training, and a program for Memorial Union director George Stevens. Events documented on these recordings include: the dedication ceremony for the opening of Memorial Union East (Snell Hall), the 1987 Mom's Weekend Fashion Show, and the Chips Invitational Mascot Ski Race in Colorado (where Benny Beaver took to the slopes).

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