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Oregon Sea Grant Communications Moving Images., 1939-2011

Historical Note:

The OSU Sea Grant program was established on February 20, 1968 as a result of the National Sea Grant Program and College Act of 1966. It was the first and largest of three programs set up at that time. Its mission was to develop "an understanding and appreciation of how to live with the ocean and how to manage the coastal zone." The program has focused on five areas: marine extension, education and training, seafood research, coastal environments, and public policy analysis. It is cooperatively funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, by the State of Oregon and local communities, and by private industry.

Sea Grant Communications produces books, reports, brochures, and newsletters as well as videos and DVDs that interpret, reflect, and promote the work of Sea Grant-funded research.

Jim Larison began his work at Oregon State University in 1978 as Assistant to the Director for Communications of Oregon Sea Grant. He became the Director of Sea Grant Communications in 1983, a position he held until about 1994.

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