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Student Affairs Moving Images, 1963-1992

Scope and Content Note

The Student Affairs Moving Images consist of two items: Rush at OSU and Paths with Proud Moments.

Rush at OSU depicts sorority rush for women students at Oregon State University. It includes footage of Dean of Students, Robert Chick, and Dean of Women, Helen Moor. The film describes the process for sorority rush and the costs of being a sorority member. It includes interviews with two women students and footage of women participating in rush events, computer punch cards being processed, the interior and exterior of sorority houses, the Memorial Union interior and quadrangle, and fraternity men. The film is 6:29 minutes; it is 16 mm b/w with optical sound. A digital duplication master and DVD use copy of the film are available. The film is also available online.

Paths with Proud Moments was created by the Indian Education Office in about 1992 for the purpose of recruiting Native American students to Oregon State University. The production includes footage of Native American undergraduate and graduate students describing their experiences at Oregon State University; campus views; and scenes of students in classrooms, laboratories, and outdoor settings. The film describes the services offered by the Indian Education Office and the Educational Opportunities Program; opportunities with Native American student organizations; and the Native American marine science program. Scenes of the interior and exterior of the Native American Longhouse appear throughout the video. Cassandra Manuelito-Kerkvliet, Coordinator of the Indian Education Office, introduces the video; Gerry RainingBird narrates and Mike McCanna served as production coordinator. Of special note is footage of Deanna Kingston describing her experiences as a graduate student at Oregon State. . The original videotape is VHS format and is 19 minutes long; it was produced by Antares Videomedia, Ltd. of Corvallis, Oregon. A digital duplication master and DVD use copy of the video are available and it can be viewed online.

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