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Extension and Experiment Station Communications Moving Images, 1937-2007

Scope and Content Note

The Extension and Experiment Station Moving Images include final productions and raw footage documenting the wide variety of Extension Service programs and Experiment Station research activities including agriculture, logging and forest products, land use planning, nutrition and food preservation, consumer education, fisheries and marine resources, energy conservation, and 4-H programs. The collection includes footage pertaining to ashfall from the Mount St. Helens eruptions of the early 1980s; direct marketing of farm products; balloon logging; noxious weeds; and the Cowboy in Mongolia production.

Much of the footage from the 1960s and 1970s was shot for the Extension 7 and Oregon at Work television programs which were broadcast on KOAC-TV from 1959 to 1975.

Moving images in the collection from the 1980s were primarily used for public service announcements and video news releases. These include three series produced by Dave King and other staff: Whatever Happened to Mr. Wizard, or How Do We Really Find Out about Science? (1983), the Agricultural Heritage Project (1985), and Noxious Weeds of Oregon (1988).

The materials from the 1990s include final productions on VHS videotape and DVD and videorecordings of Extension Service teleconferences and workshops,

An addition to the collection (Accession 2011:016) consists of films produced by the Office of Extension and Experiment Station Communications. Numbering 288 recordings in total (130 U-matic cassette tapes; 135 VHS videotapes; 14 videotape reels; 5 Betacam tapes; 2 reel-to-reel films; 2 DVDs) these films were generated primarily as part of the instructional programming role of the Extension Service and Experiment Station in areas such as gardening, agriculture, finance management, 4-H leadership training, energy conservation, and food preservation. Other films contain pubic service announcements (PSAs), recordings of OSU-related stories broadcast on TV news, conference presentations, and informational segments highlighting OSU research projects. Included in this transfer are inventories listing most of the films by number and title as well as video log sheets and a transcript for the film Whatever Happened to Mr. Wizard? Sound recordings of public service announcements and gardening programs (hosted by Master Gardener Anna Torgerson) are also part of this accession. The sound recordings are made up of 12 cds and 2 reel-to-reel tapes.

A second addition (Accession 2014:097) is made up of 10 Betacam video cassette tapes containing full episodes and promos of the "Northwest Gardening" TV program. There are five different episodes listed as #101 through #105. One of the sets are broadcast copies and the other are master tapes.

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