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Extension and Experiment Station Communications Moving Images, 1937-2007

Historical Note:

The Extension Information Office (which later became Extension Communications) and the Agricultural Experiment Station Information office (which later became Agricultural Experiment Station Communications) were separate units until 1983, when they were combined into a single unit in the College of Agricultural Sciences known as Agricultural Communications. The name was changed in March of 1996 to Extension and Experiment Station Communications to reflect the move at OSU to make Extension a university-wide outreach activity. Extension Information provided support in the design, production, and distribution of educational materials, publications, news releases, feature stories, radio programs initially, but have added in more recent years: videotape, satellite delivery, web delivery.

William C. Smith worked in Extension Communications as a broadcast communications specialist from 1954 until his retirement in 1978. He filmed and produced many of the 1950s-1970s films in the collection.

Dave King, producer of many of the films in this collection from the 1980s, was Assistant Editor for Radio and Television from 1976 until 1987, when he became Experiment Station Electronic Media Coordinator for the office of Agricultural Communications.

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