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College of Science Videotapes, 1991-1997

Scope and Content Note

The College of Science Videotapes include two video productions prepared for the College that highlight academic programs and research activities and video recordings of lectures presented as part of the 1991 Biology Colloquium at Oregon State University.

The two video productions are To See the World in a Grain of Sand (1993) and By the Beautiful Sea (1997). To See the World in a Grain of Sand (FV P084:1) was produced by Antares Videomedia, Ltd. It is 17 minutes long and highlights the academic programs and research activities of the College of Science. By the Beautiful Sea (FV P084:2) was produced by Mary Lee and Sid Nolan and includes highlights of an Oregon coast tour given by Geosciences Department faculty for OSU Foundation donors (the Council of Regents) in June 1997.

The remainder of the collection (7 tapes) consists of recordings of lectures presented as part of the Biology Colloquium on global climate change at Oregon State in 1991. The colloquium focused on the biological aspects of climate change. Speakers and topics were: Robert Charlson on marine phytoplankton as indicators of global change; Robert Dickinson on predictions, uncertainties, and biological feedbacks associated with global climate modeling; Christopher Field on the effects of increasing carbon dioxide on terrestrial ecosystems; Peter Glynn on the responses of coral reefs to global warming events; Simon Levin on problems of scale in ecology; Pamela Matson on trace gas emissions relating to climate change; and David Wake on worldwide amphibian decline. The recordings also include introductions by Stella Coakley and George Keller.

All of the videotapes are VHS format.

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