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College of Forestry Moving Images, 1995-2009

Scope and Content Note

The College of Forestry Moving Images consist of A Century of Oregon Forestry: Challenge, Change, and Opportunity, a DVD produced by the College of Forestry and the Oregon Forest Resources Institute to commemorate the centennial of the establishment of an academic program in forestry at Oregon State University. The 14-minute production describes the development of professional forestry in Oregon and the manangement and innovation that have made Oregon a leader in sustainable forestry. The video recording includes footage of forests, logging and wood products operations, and scientific studies in Oregon forests.

Several OSU faculty and administrators narrate and are shown in the production, including Hal Salwasser (Dean); George Brown (Dean Emeritus); Gail Achterman (Director, Institute for Natural Resources); Darrell Ross and Steve Strauss (OSU Forest Science faculty); and Scott Leavengood (Director, Oregon Wood Innovation Center). Others providing narration are: Jim Bowyer, Director, Responsible Materials Program, Dovetail Partners; Rick Brown, Senior Resource Specialist, Defenders of Wildlife; Ted Lorensen, Assistant State Forester, Oregon Department of Forestry; Jennifer Phillippi, Manager, Rough and Ready Lumber; and Rex Storm, Forest Policy Manager, Associated Oregon Loggers.

An addition to the collection (Accession 2009:046) consists of four VHS videotapes generated and collected by the College of Forestry. Three of the tapes were produced by the Forestry Media Center as a three-part series on the "Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest." (1995) The fourth tape, "Saving The Pieces: The Fender's Blue Butterfly and the Kincaid's Lupine," (2002) examines the importance of the upland prairie ecosystems in the McDonald Forest to the survival of the endangered Fender's Blue Butterfly. Produced by two OSU students in the natural resources program, the film looks at various topics in forest management and preservation, including the College of Forestry's habitat conservation plan. Among those interviewed in the film include Debora Johnson, Paul Hammond, Tom Kaye, and Barte Starker (of Starker Forests Inc.)

A second addition to the collection (Accession 2014:072) consists of DVDs (10 in total) produced by the College of Forestry and the Extension Service relating to forest management topics, family woodland succession planning, watershed research, and ecological regions in Oregon. Four of the DVDs are video recordings made by students for a forestry class in Natural Resources Communications (FOR 391). Titles included in this accession are as follows: "Inquiry at Hinkle Creek: Doing Sciences in Our Forests," 2007; "Managing Biodiversity In Young Forests," 2003; "Oregon Ecoregions: Preserving Our Natural Diversity," 2006; "Shaping Your Forest: An Introduction to Thinning Practices in Eastern Oregon," 2006; Student Video Project Examples, 2009 (2 sets of 2 DVDs); "Ties to the Land: A Facilitated Workshop on Succession Planning," 2007; "Voices of Forestry: Celebrating 100 Years of the OSU College of Forestry," 2007.

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