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E. Wayne Courtney Papers, 1952-2013

Scope and Content Note

Series 1 contains a volume of genealogical information on the Courtney name and autobiographical information compiled by E. Wayne Courtney; information on the name Kurtenai; four volumes of photocopies of Courtney's military record from 1952 to 1987; and a 1966 soil and water conservation plan for Courtney's farm in Dunn County, Wisconsin. Series 2 includes Courtney's Ph.D. thesis, "A Comparison of Knowledge and Experience Levels Required in Three Agricultural Occupations" (Purdue University, 1962); a copy of the 1966 Stout State (Wisc.) yearbook; and faculty reports on Courtney covering 1985-1990. Series 3, Honors and Awards, includes Courtney's Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award nomination dossier (1986) and a report and plaque pertaining to his Fulbright Award in 1995.

Series 4 contains various administrative reports written by Courtney between 1973 and 1989 pertaining to the OSU Vocational and Technical Education program. Series 5 consists of Courtney's consultant reports (1973-1996) for various organizations and governmental units, including a consortium of six Eastern Oregon counties, the Springfield Exemplary Career Education Project, Lane Community College, the Math/Science Teacher Improvement Project (M/STIP), and the Linn-Benton Health Consortium. Series 6 contains three technical reports from July 1971 on professional education competencies. Series 7 includes statistical studies and surveys pertaining to industrial graphics, education, and bird populations of selected places in Wisconsin.

Series 8 consists of materials prepared and published by Courtney for his classes and workshops, as well as other writings on education. The series includes Applied Research in Education, 1965 (edited by Courtney); Elements of Research Foundations: An Introduction, with Lorry K. Sedgwick, 1969 (revised 1970); Inferential Statistics (The F Statistic), developed for OSU Ed. 507 - Seminar: Advanced Research Methods, Winter 1977; Laboratory Exercise Manual for Quantitative Applications, developed for OSU Ed. 515 - Quantitative Applications, 1977; Techniques of Research, 1982 (Thai translation, with Supitr Samahito, 1983); A Guide to Empirical Research in Education, June 1988; and materials for Total Quality Management workshops, 1992-1993. Series 9 includes Courtney's other writings, such as a history of the OSU Agricultural Education Department (1984), and various printings of his treatise on the Oregon coast, Under the Winds of Yaquina and The Indians of Yaquina Bay.

An addition to the Courtney Papers (Accession 99:016) includes reports and budget information on the OSU School of Education Vocational-Technical Division's Personnel Development Programs, 1976-1978; Rangsit International University Project (Thailand) reports, 1997; other reports and educational materials from to Thailand universities at which Courtney worked as a consultant; a grant proposal to the Oregon Department of Education, 1977; and a 1972 Stout State University yearbook.

A second addition to the Courtney Papers (Accession 2003:036) consists of reports generated from two projects administered by the College of International Development and Research and funded by grants from the Consortium for International Development (CID) and World Bank. Courtney worked as a consultant on both projects. One of the projects was a skills development project for the Government of Thailand (CID) and the other was an evaluation of pedagogical advisory and school networks pilot schemes in Laos (World Bank). Affiliated professionally with OSU since 1972, E. Wayne Courtney has served in the post of Professor in a number of departments, including: the Division of Vocational-Technical Education, Department of Statistics, Department of Educational Foundations, Division of Secondary Education (OSU/WOSC), and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. In 1993, Courtney became Professor Emeritus. Still active in the field, Courtney remains on faculty at Kasetsart University (Thailand) Department of Sports Science, where he teaches research design and statistics.

A third addition to the Courtney Papers (Accession 2007:026) is made up of publications and reports that document Courtney's career as instructor and consultant as well as his ventures into prose writing. Primarily reflecting Courtney's teaching work before he came to OSU in 1972 and after gaining emeritus status in 1993, this accession includes textbooks relating to performance-based testing modules, reports of testing and evaluation projects in conjunction with Kasetsart University in Thailand, and yearbooks from two schools where Courtney taught before arriving at OSU. The literary materials consist of a novel, essays about Yaquina Bay shorebirds and Native Americans, and a short story about an "Indian Girl Named Sara." Also included in this transfer are newsletters and membership lists of the genealogical group, the Courtenay Society. In addition to articles penned by Courtney that appear in the newsletters, he is also reflected in the membership lists.

A fourth addition to the Courtney Papers (Accession 2013:045) contains publications written by Courtney on a variety of subjects. About two-thirds of the publications are oriented toward statistics instruction and include two textbooks on statistical analysis and the "statistics for educators" series with seven different volumes on sampling, reliability, scaling, qualitative methods, hypotheses, distributions, and empirical methods. The others are more narrative and story-like in nature. One of the volumes, "Sequah: An Indian Girl Named Sara," drew inspiration from Courtney's Native American heritage and culture. Two of the other publications pertain to the wildlife and landscapes around the Yaquina Bay area (birds in particular). "Hay River Notes" is largely drawn from daily log entries kept by Courtney that reflect his life living on the Hay River in Wisconsin for 6 years. "Devon's Niche" is a novel centered on the life on college professor facing personal hardships.

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