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Canine Research Collection, 1801-2010

Content Description

The Canine Research Collection is an extensive repository documenting the history of dogs, including the history of canines in art and literature, the development of specific dog breeds, current issues in canine genetics, developments in training methods and the history of major dog show competitions, among many other related topics. The collection consists of books, magazines, newspaper clippings, yearbooks, scrapbooks and collector's binders, judging and breed guides, pedigrees, awards and ephemera.

An addition to the collection (Accession 2011:084) documents the evolution of dog breeds, canine clubs and individuals of consequence within the dog breeding and showing circuits. The binders and scrapbooks which form the bulk of the accession are comprised of disparate materials including photos, pedigrees, registration certificates, newspaper clippings and competition ephemera. Highlights of the accession include a history, possibly scarce, of the early development of the Boston Terrier. A scrapbook documenting the life and work of respected author and dog show judge C. Bede Maxwell is also included. Those researching the Shih Tzu, Samoyed, Vizsla, Japanese Chin and English Springer Spaniel breeds will also find materials of interest in this accession.

A second addition to the collection (Accession 2012:077) consists of materials broadly related to three subjects. The first collection consists of perhaps 200 clipped magazine and journal articles documents the breed histories of various European dogs and specific rare breeds as published chiefly in The Kennel Gazette (England), Canine Chronicle (USA) and Dog News (USA). The articles, which date from 1983-2012, (bulk 1991-2000) have been arranged in one threering binder and inventoried by the donor. The second set of materials, including correspondence and legal documents, details the "Bachory scandal" of the early 1970s, a major violation of American Kennel Club registration requirements that focused specifically on the pedigrees of Shetland Sheepdogs. Materials have been arranged chronologically in two three-ring binders and inventoried by the donor. The third set of materials concerns Leon Hollenbeck's work on canine movement. Included with this component of the accession are a copy of Hollenbeck's book "The Dynamics of Canine Gait: A Study of Motion," (1971) a mimeographed Hollenbeck typescript titled "A Course of Study and Suggested Teaching Guide for Canine Locomotion," (1975) and a set of 232 slides produced by Hollenbeck as a teaching aid meant to accompany the materials in the 1975 typescript. Also included are records kept by the donor documenting her acquisition of the Hollenbeck materials.

A third addition (Accession 2013:025) consists of annual yearbooks published by the National Plott Hound Association in 1975, 1979-1981, 1984-1985 and 1987. The yearbooks include information on Association officers, show champions and placers, breeders, vendors and others involved with the Plott Hound breed.

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