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Campus Club Alumni Collection, 1943-2011

Historical Note:

The Campus Club was established as a men's cooperative residence at Oregon State College in 1940; the cooperative was active through spring of 1966. In fall of 1966, the remaining 20 members of the Campus Club moved into the newly constructed Avery Lodge cooperative. Reunions of former residents of the Campus Club began in 1987.

Campus Club was on the only men's cooperative that remained open during World War II. The Kupono Cooperative House was established about the same time as Campus Club, but closed in the spring of 1943. Several former Kupono residents joined the Campus Club when they returned to Oregon State after the war.

Robert E. McDole lived in the Campus Club during his student years at Oregon State and graduated with a BS in soils in 1952. He has been instrumental in organizing reunions of former residents and served as editor of the Campus Club Alumni Newsletter.

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