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History of Atomic Energy Collection

History of Atomic Energy Collection, 1896-1991

The History of Atomic Energy Collection, containing more than 3,000 items, is a valuable resource for research on the development of nuclear technologies in the twentieth century. Highlights of the collection include the first published account of the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 by Nobel Prize winning physicist Henri Becquerel; writings on the Manhattan Project; materials concerning the congressional hearings of J. Robert Oppenheimer; and formerly classified government reports. Cultural aspects of the atomic age are also explored through fictional works, poetry, drama, and music.
RB Energy
231 linear feet; 3,108 items
History of Science, Natural Resources / PhotographsBooksSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideos 

Canine Research Collection

Canine Research Collection, 1801-2010

In the fall of 2000, Noreen Cartwright donated her personal collection of rare and antique dog books to the OSU Libraries Special Collections. That gift formed the nucleus of a Canine Research Collection to which additional donations have been made by like-minded individuals. The collection provides opportunities for research on the history of canines in art and literature, the development of specific dog breeds, current issues in canine genetics, developments in training methods and the history of major dog show competitions, among many other related topics.
MSS Canine
486.5 linear feet, 317 boxes, 1933 books
History of Science / BooksPhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideos 

Leslie Carraway and B. J. Verts Papers

Leslie Carraway and B. J. Verts Papers, 1954-2011

The Leslie Carraway and B. J. Verts Papers contain materials from Carraway and Verts, both OSU Fisheries and Wildlife faculty, pertaining to their research and publication activities. While their research as a whole generally focused on shrews, a large portion of the collection relates to their collaborative book Land Mammals in Oregon.
MSS CarrawayVerts
10 cubic feet, including 1,500 photographs; 9 archives boxes; 2 16x20 oversize boxes; and 2 map folders
University History, History of Science / PhotographsBooks 

Emery N. Castle Papers

Emery N. Castle Papers, 1950-2000

The Emery N. Castle Papers document Castle's research and writing in the fields of agricultural and resource economics, land use, and rural development.
MSS Castle
3.3 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources / Books 

Merton and Eleanor Davis History of the Davis and Hall Families

Merton and Eleanor Davis History of the Davis and Hall Families, 1983

This collection consists of the monograph This We Remember, a history of the Davis and Hall families of Union, Oregon; it was written by alumni Merton and Eleanor Davis. In addition to detailing the settlement and history of the two Oregon pioneer families, this monograph also describes Merton and Eleanor's experiences as students at Oregon Agricultural College.
MSS DavisHall
0.04 cubic foot; 1 box
University History / Books 

Nathan Fasten Collection

Nathan Fasten Collection, 1930

The Nathan Fasten Collection consists of a copy of Fasten's book Origin Through Evolution.
MSS Fasten
0.05 cubic feet; 1 box
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / Books 

Gifford Photographic Collection

Gifford Photographic Collection, circa 1885 - 1958

The Gifford Photographic Collection consists primarily of photographs taken by four Gifford Family photographers: Ralph I. Gifford; his father, Benjamin A. Gifford; his wife, Wanda Gifford; and his son, Ben L. Gifford. The collection also includes motion pictures filmed by Ralph I Gifford, some photographs for whom the photographer is not identified, images by other photographers, and documentary materials. The Gifford Family's photographic work began in 1888, when Benjamin A. Gifford emigrated to Portland, and continued into the 1950s. The collection documents Oregon landmarks and scenic views on the Oregon coast and in the Cascade Mountains, Willamette Valley, and central and eastern Oregon; agriculture in Oregon; and Native Americans, especially of the Columbia Plateau.
P 218
14.3 cubic feet, including 7372 photographs and 8 film reels; 82 boxes, including 7 oversize boxes; 2 map folders; and 1 film can
Multicultural Archives, Natural Resources / PhotographsVideosBooks 

Frank Edward Hall Collection

Frank Edward Hall Collection, 1886-1909

The Frank Edward Hall Collection consists of photographs and memorabilia assembled by Hall while a student at Oregon Agricultural College. Hall graduated from OAC in 1909 in agriculture.
MSS Hall
0.2 cubic foot, including 7 photographs; 3 boxes, including 1 oversize box, and 1 map folder
University History / PhotographsBooks 

Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection

Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection, 1943-1986

This Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection contains a series of government documents and internal technical reports the focus of which is environmental monitoring at the Hanford Site, a nuclear production complex in southeast Washington that was constructed beginning in 1943 and fully decommissioned in 1987. Included among the collection's environmental monitoring reports are documents related to effluent releases into the environment, both planned and unplanned.
MSS Hanford
7 linear feet, 18 boxes
History of Science / Books 

Froduald Harelimana Collection

Froduald Harelimana Collection, 1994-1997

The Froduald Harelimana Collection consists of materials documenting Irma Delson's campaign to bring Rwandan doctoral student Froduald Harelimana and his son to the U.S. after fleeing civil war in Rwanda.
MSS Harelimana
0.8 cubic foot; 1 archives box
University History, Multicultural Archives / Books 

Ray S. Hewitt Collection

Ray S. Hewitt Collection, 1956-1995

The Ray S. Hewitt Collections contains photographs, instructional materials created by Hewitt, and a copy of Hewitt's book, Engines and the Engineman: The Human Side of Railroading. Hewitt was an OSU professor of English.
MSS Hewitt
0.35 cubic feet;
University History / PhotographsBooks 

College of Home Economics and Education Records

College of Home Economics and Education Records, 1913-2000

These records were generated by the College of Home Economics and Education. In addition to documenting administrative aspects of the College such as curriculum development, committee work, and funding, these records also highlight faculty and student research, programs in home economics at other colleges and universities, professional home economics organizations, updates on alumni, and the accreditation of the college.
RG 141
21 cubic ft.
University History / Books 

Merle T. Jenkins Papers

Merle T. Jenkins Papers, 1913-1974

The Merle T. Jenkins Papers consist of materials created and assembled by Jenkins that document his student years at Oregon Agricultural College and his career as an agronomist and developer of corn hybrids. The Papers include photographs, correspondence, publications, certificates, ephemera and artifacts. Jenkins graduated from Oregon Agricultural College in 1916.
MSS Jenkins
1 cubic foot, including 150 photographs; 2 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History, Natural Resources / PhotographsBooks 

Karl and Erna Kordesch Papers

Karl and Erna Kordesch Papers, 1906-2011

Karl Kordesch (1922-2011) was a distinguished Austrian-American chemist widely recognized for his contributions to battery and fuel cell research and technology. Kordesch was jointly responsible for the invention of the alkaline primary dry cell battery, significant developments in fuel cells, and the successful creation and operation of hybrid vehicles. During his career, Kordesch was responsible for more than 100 hundred patents as well as numerous papers, articles, and books on the subject of electrochemistry, effectively revolutionized the battery industry, and pioneered electric/fuel cell vehicles. The Karl and Erna Kordesch papers contain records of much of Karl's research and publishing efforts as well as biographical records, photos, and ephemera documenting the Kordeschs' life in Nazi-occupied Austria and the United States.
MSS Kordesch
14 linear feet; 36 boxes; 11 gigabytes
History of Science / PhotographsVideosBooks 

William Evans Lawrence Text

William Evans Lawrence Text, 1942

The William Evans Lawrence Text consists of a mimeographed text, Studies in Plant Ecology, prepared by Lawrence in 1942 for use in botany classes at Oregon State College.
MSS Lawrence
0.05 cubic ft.
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Books 

Macpherson Family History

Macpherson Family History, 2010

This family history consists of the monograph, The Macpherson Family Through Four Generations, written by Hector Macpherson, Jr. Macpherson graduated from Oregon State College in 1940 and, as an Oregon State Senator, was instrumental in development of Oregon's land use planning system with passage of Senate Bill 100 in 1973.
MSS Macpherson
0.05 cubic foot; 1 box
University History, Natural Resources / Books 

Leonard M. Maki Nuclear Power Collection

Leonard M. Maki Nuclear Power Collection, 1936-1975

The Leonard M. Maki Nuclear Power Collection consists of books and archival materials related to the development of nuclear power systems in the twentieth century. Of particular note is a collection of documents, dating to the 1960s, which detail ideas and prototypes for nuclear power systems designed to operate in outer space.
MSS Maki
5 linear feet, 4 boxes, 24 books
History of Science / BooksPhotographs 

Bernard Malamud Papers

Bernard Malamud Papers, 1949-2007

Bernard Malamud (1914-1986), a major American novelist and short story writer, taught at Oregon State University from 1949-1961. A prolific author, he received a Pulitzer Prize (The Fixer, 1966) and two National Book Awards (The Magic Barrel, 1959; The Fixer, 1966) for his work. The Malamud Papers include an assortment of personal correspondence relating to Malamud's tenure as professor and writer at Oregon State University. In addition, the collection features several boxes of newspaper clippings, as well as signed first editions and published translations of his books.
MSS Malamud
20 linear feet; 15 boxes; 130 books
University History / PhotographsBooks 

Ulysses Grant McAlexander Collection

Ulysses Grant McAlexander Collection, 1883-1964

The Ulysses Grant McAlexander Collection documents McAlexander's military activities, particularly his involvement in the Second Battle of the Marne in France in July 1918, his training at West Point and his years as commandant of cadets at Oregon Agricultural College.
MSS McAlexander
3 cubic feet
University History / PhotographsBooksMaps 

McDonald Rare Book and Manuscript Collection

McDonald Rare Book and Manuscript Collection, 2041-1763 BC, ca. 960-1941 AD

In the early 1930s, Mary McDonald (1848-1935), concerned with the preponderance of scientific and technical books at most land grant universities, donated a rare book collection to the Oregon State University library. In 1934 the McDonald Rare Book Room was established with gifts to the library of items from her collection. Since then, the McDonald endowment has enabled the acquisition of thousands of rare books and fine bindings. Included in the collection are numerous incunabula (books printed before 1501). Among the exceedingly rare items housed in the McDonald Collection are three cuneiform tablets, the oldest of which dates to 2041 BCE.
RB McDonald

University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Books 

Ellen J. Moore Papers

Ellen J. Moore Papers, 1905-2003

The Ellen J. Moore Papers consist of correspondence and materials primarily documenting Moore's employment as a paleontologist and her interactions with family members as well as other fellow paleontologists.
MSS MooreE
2.7 cubic feet; 3 archives boxes and 1 12x17 oversize box
University History, History of Science / PhotographsBooks 

George W. Moore Papers

George W. Moore Papers, 1952-2001

The George W. Moore Papers consist of field and laboratory notebooks documenting Moore's work as a research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey from 1951 to 1987. He became a Courtesy Professor Geology at Oregon State University in 1987.
1.4 cubic feet; 2 boxes
University History, History of Science / Books 

Willetta Moore Photograph Album

Willetta Moore Photograph Album, 1913-1930

The Willetta Moore Photograph Album consists of images assembled by Moore during her student years at Oregon Agricultural College in 1913-1916. Willetta Moore, from Eugene, Oregon, graduated in 1916 with a degree in home economics and taught foods and nutrition at Oregon State.
P 269
0.2 cubic foot, including 139 photographs; 2 boxes, including 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsBooks 

Jean Moule Papers

Jean Moule Papers, 1984-2011

The Jean Moule Papers document Moule's teaching, research, and writing in the field of multicultural education, especially teacher training. The Papers include publications, course materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Moule earned a Ph.D. from Oregon State University in 1998 and was a faculty member in the Oregon State University College of Education from 1998 until her retirement in 2011.
MSS Moule
1.7 cubic feet, including 12 photographs; 2 boxes
University History, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesBooks 

J. Kenneth Munford Collection

J. Kenneth Munford Collection, 1866-2000

The J. Kenneth Munford Collection consists of a variety of materials assembled and created by Munford as a student, teacher, writer and editor, and local historian.
MSS Munford
4 cubic feet
University History, Local History / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesBooks 

Philosophy of Nature Book Collection

Philosophy of Nature Book Collection, 1811-1993

The collection's focus is on material that illuminates the ways in which humans have conceptualized their place in the natural world as well as their relationship to nature, both individually and as societies. The theme is inclusive, but takes as its central core the reconceptualization of humans and nature that occurred during the 19th century with the ideas and discoveries of, among others, Kant, Darwin, and Huxley. The collection also documents the effects of industrialization on Western society. Comprised chiefly of books and manuscripts, the Philosophy of Nature Collection was acquired through the generosity of a grant from Michal and William Rieckmann.
RB Nature
25 linear feet; 80 items
Natural Resources / Books 

Barton C. and Sally L. Hacker Nuclear History Collection

Barton C. and Sally L. Hacker Nuclear History Collection, 1938-2002

The Hacker collection is comprised of books, government publications and unpublished technical reports dealing with multiple aspects of nuclear technology and the atomic age. The Hacker Collection is especially strong in materials on nuclear fallout, radiation protection, and histories of the atomic age dating from 1975 on. The collection was donated by Barton C. Hacker, Curator of Armed Forces History at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and former OSU professor. Hacker's wife Sally was a professor of sociology at OSU until 1988.
RB Hacker
658 items
History of Science / Books 

Nuclear Science Technical Reports Collection

Nuclear Science Technical Reports Collection, 1946-1979

The Nuclear Science Technical Reports Collection includes papers issued by a variety of both government and government-contracted organizations focused on the research, application and development of nuclear energy and reactor design.
MSS Reports
50 linear feet, 105 boxes
History of Science / Books 

Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogues Collection

Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogues Collection, 1832-1999

The Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogues represent a comprehensive resource for researchers interested in the history of agricultural nurseries. The collection consists primarily of flower and seed catalogues, most of which were printed in Great Britain, Holland and the US between the years 1832-1950. The materials provide a historical record of prices, seed sources, and descriptions of plants and seeds offered for sale by nurserymen and growers over time.
MSS Seed
30 linear feet; 51 boxes, 23 bound volumes
History of Science, Natural Resources / Books 

Margaret Osler Papers

Margaret Osler Papers, 1912-2010

Margaret Osler (1942-2010) was a historian of science and philosophy who published widely on the scientific revolution and on the connection between religion and early science. In her two books and more than 125 articles, Osler focused in particular on the work of Pierre Gassendi, Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton. Osler was a member of the faculty at the University of Calgary for thirty-five years.
MSS Osler
32 linear feet; 64 boxes
University History, History of Science, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsBooks 

Albert and Ruth Parr Rare Book Collection

Albert and Ruth Parr Rare Book Collection, 1498-1989

Donated in 2012, the Parr Rare Book Collection spans from the earliest days of printing in the late 1400s through the 19th century. Particularly strong in the history of science, travels and voyages, religion, and early printed books the Parr collection also has concentrations in literature (especially Samuel Johnson) and the publishers’ bindings of the firm of A & C Black. The history of printing is also a particular emphasis of the collection.
RB Parr
History of Science / Books 

Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers

Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

Linus Pauling (1901-1994), a 1922 OSU graduate and the only recipient of two unshared Nobel Prizes, (Chemistry, 1954; Peace, 1962) undertook a wide range of studies during his seventy-year career as a scientist, humanitarian and peace activist. The collection, comprised of over five hundred thousand items, contains all of Pauling's personal and scientific papers, research materials, correspondence, photographs, awards, and memorabilia. Not only does the Pauling archive reflect Linus Pauling's long and varied scientific career, the presence of Ava Helen Pauling's (1903-1981) papers also indicates their mutual devotion to world peace and to each other.
MSS Pauling
4,437 linear feet; 2,230 boxes; 4,111 books
University History, History of Science, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideosBooks 

Lillian Jeffreys Petri Collection

Lillian Jeffreys Petri Collection, 1924-1927

The Lillian Jeffreys Petri Collection consists of two piano instruction and technique publications, Mind Over Muscle and Music Fundamentals Correlated, written by Petri.
MSS Petri
0.27 cubic foot; 1 document box
University History / Books 

Phi Kappa Phi-OSU Chapter Records

Phi Kappa Phi-OSU Chapter Records, 1914-2002

These records were generated by the OSU Chapter of the Honorary Society of Phi Kappa Phi. They document the origins and development of the group, the yearly process of the selection of pledges and members, sponsorship of the Biology Colloquium lecture series, and the awarding of fellowships and scholarships by the chapter. The OSU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was established in 1924.
MSS PhiKappaPhi
5.5 cubic feet; 9 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes; 3 microfilm reels
University History / PhotographsBooks 

Publications Group

Publications Group

The Publications Group consists of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, reports and other literature generated by the whole of OSU, including its student and faculty groups, statewide extension agencies and university administration.
555 titles
University History, Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives, History of Science, Local History / Books 

Robert Rankin Papers

Robert Rankin Papers, 1935-1974

The Robert Rankin Papers consist of materials that document Rankin's years as an Oregon State College student and his career as an engineer and engineering consultant.
MSS Rankin
1.1 cubic feet; 1 archives box and 1 legal size document box
University History, History of Science / Books 

Charles M. Rice Papers

Charles M. Rice Papers, 1977

The Charles M. Rice Papers consist of an autobiographical volume about Rice's career in industrial education and a resume. Rice earned an Ed.D. from Oregon State College in 1958 and was an Associate Professor of Industrial Arts at Western Washington University from 1941 until 1965.
MSS Rice
0.15 cubic foot, including 4 photographs; 1 box
University History / PhotographsBooks 

History of Science Rare Book Collection

History of Science Rare Book Collection, 1575-2002

The History of Science Rare Book Collection is the largest rare book collection in the Special Collections & Archives Research Center. Significant strengths include: the history of chemistry; history of physics; quantum mechanics, nuclear history, natural history, history of botany, husbandry, cultivation and agricultural science, history of technology, history of mathematics, art and science, and the history of medicine, especially alternative health and nutrition.

Other concentrations include the history of scientific modeling, history of engineering, history of scientific instruction, the history of fuel cell technology, and textile history.

RB Science
History of Science / Books 

David and Clara Shoemaker Papers

David and Clara Shoemaker Papers, 1930-2000

The David and Clara Shoemaker Papers document the Shoemakers' professional output as noted x-ray crystallographers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oregon State University. The collection includes correspondence, research notebooks and scholarly manuscripts, among other material types. David Shoemaker, a former student of Linus Pauling, served as chair of the OSU Chemistry department from 1970-1981.
MSS Shoemaker
39 linear feet; 78 boxes; 266 books
University History, History of Science / PhotographsBooks 

J. Brookes Spencer Papers

J. Brookes Spencer Papers

The J. Brookes Spencer Papers contain records of Spencer's work as an instructor, researcher, and tenured professor from 1952-1979. Included in this collection are research notes, grade books, student-created documents, photographs, miscellaneous administrative documents, lecture notes, correspondence, and an extensive collection of reprints relating to the history of science in the modern era.
MSS SpencerJ
48 linear feet; 25 boxes; 400 books
University History, History of Science / Books 

Clara A. Storvick Papers

Clara A. Storvick Papers, 1925-2002

The Clara A. Storvick Papers consist of reprints of journal articles written or co-authored by Storvick, a Professor of Foods and Nutrition, as well as publications, research notes and other materials that she generated and collected.
MSS Storvick
0.92 cubic foot; 2 file folders and 2 archives boxes
University History, History of Science, Natural Resources / PhotographsBooks 

Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers

Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers, 1928-1956

The Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers document Stuhr's research and writing on medicinal plants and the pharmacy profession. Stuhr served on the faculty of the Oregon State College School of Pharmacy from 1927 to 1944.
MSS Stuhr
0.5 cubic feet; 1 box and 1 map folder
University History, History of Science / BooksMaps 

J. D. Vertrees Papers

J. D. Vertrees Papers, 2001

The J. D. Vertrees Papers consist of a copy of the revised third edition of the book, Japanese Maples. Originally written by Vertrees, this edition of the book was revised and expanded by Peter Gregory.
MSS Vertrees
0.10 cubic foot; 1 file folder
University History, Natural Resources / Books 

Roger Weaver Papers

Roger Weaver Papers, 1989-2012

The Roger Weaver Papers consist of materials generated by Weaver, an OSU English professor emeritus. The papers reflect Weaver's time teaching and traveling and include biographical materials, books, a journal and a sound recording.
MSS Weaver
0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box
University History / BooksSound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Gerald W. Williams Collection

Gerald W. Williams Collection, 1855-2007

The Gerald W. Williams Collection consists of Williams' personal papers, historic photograph collection, and related materials pertaining to the history of the U.S. Forest Service as well as the forestry, environmental history, Native Americans, and geography especially of the Pacific Northwest. Williams assembled and created the materials during his career as sociologist and national historian with the U.S. Forest Service.
MSS WilliamsG
93 cubic feet, including 24,000 photographs; 91 boxes, including 13 oversize boxes
Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesBooksMaps 

William Appleman Williams Papers

William Appleman Williams Papers, 1877-2012

William Appleman Williams (1921-1990), an influential American historian and writer, was a member of the History faculty at Oregon State University from 1968-1986. He is regarded to be a founder of the "revisionist school" of American diplomatic history. A prolific author, Williams's The Contours of American History (1961), was named, by the Modern Library, one of the 100 best non-fiction books written in English in the twentieth century. The Williams Papers consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, books, photographs and memorabilia.
MSS Williams
21 linear feet; 34 boxes; 29 books
University History / PhotographsBooksSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideos 

E. E. Wilson Papers

E. E. Wilson Papers, 1838-1961

The E. E. Wilson Papers include Wilson's personal and professional papers and document his education, family, work as an attorney, and public service activities.
MSS WilsonEE
41 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources, Multicultural Archives, Local History / PhotographsBooksMaps 

Wilson Room Collection

Wilson Room Collection, 1493, 1592-1908

The Wilson Room Collection holds an assortment of literature, historical texts, artifacts, and antiques from Britain's 18th and 19th centuries. Norman and Glenville Wilson spent many years travelling in Britain and indulging their mutual interest in British history. Norman joined the Oregon State University faculty in 1947, teaching English composition and literature until his retirement in 1968. Glenville worked for the USDA Forest Service office in Corvallis for 20 years. Their donation to the library provides an important resource for scholars interested in Georgian and Victorian history.
RB Wilson
12 linear feet; 310 items
University History / BooksPhotographs