Atomic Energy and History of Nuclear Science Collections

Above-ground nuclear test, ca. 1950s.
Curie, Mdme Sklodowska. Radio-Active Substances. Thesis presented to the Faculté des Sciences de Paris. (Second Edition), 1904.
Manhattan Project Pin, ca. 1945.
"Atomic Bomb Hits Nagasaki, Soviet Enters War, U.S. Bids Tokyo Quit," Boston Herald, August 9, 1945.
Severud, Fred N., and Anthony F. Merrill. The Bomb, Survival and You: Protection for People, Buildings, Equipment. New York: Reinhold, 1954.
U.S. Army photograph, annotated: "The 16th Signal Operations Bn provided 12 teletype machines and operators for the press at News Nob, Nevada Proving Grounds. 22 April 1952."
Hyde, Margaret O. Atoms Today and Tomorrow. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1955.
Atomic Research Corporation Geiger Counter, ca. 1954.
"Atomic War!" comic book, Vol I, No 2. Canton, Ohio: Junior Books, December 1952.
Smyth, Henry DeWolf. Atomic Energy for Military Purposes. Princeton University Press, 1946.

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The history of the atomic era is a major collecting interest for the Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections. The Atomic Energy and Nuclear History Collections consist of the vast History of Atomic Energy Collection, the smaller Hacker Nuclear Affairs and Maki Nuclear Power Collections, and the unprocessed Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection.


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