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Carol Andrews Papers, 1991-2012

Biographical Note:

Carol Andrews was hired by the Oregon State University (OSU) Office of University Relations in 1990 in a clerical, administrative-support position. She began using e-mail and other electronic means for dissemination of information in that position in the early 1990s, which established the foundation for Oregon State's online presence. In the mid-1990s, she became the Web Communications Coordinator in University Publications. In addition to pioneering the use of electronic mail distribution and the Gopher system to create the first modern listserv at OSU, Andrews helped to build OSU's first web page in 1995. Andrews was instrumental in web development training of campus staff and managed the online version of university publications such as the course catalog and schedule of classes. In 2001, Andrews was honored with the Professional Faculty Leadership Association "Our Heroes" award. Following her retirement in 2011, Andrews continued to serve as Web Communications Coordinator for University Relations on a part-time basis.

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