Linus Pauling receiving the Joseph Priestley Medal, the highest honor conferred by the American Chemical Society. 1984.
Linus Pauling receiving the Joseph Priestley Medal, the highest honor conferred by the American Chemical Society. 1984.
Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers. (Click to enlarge)


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The Special Collections & Archives Research Center has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Oregon Experience" documentary series. Below are the films on which we have collaborated most intensively. Each documentary is available for viewing online.

The Braceros

Civilian Conservation Corps

A Cuisine of Our Own

Linus Pauling

Pendleton Round-Up: The Wild West Way

Reub Long's Oregon Desert

Wayne Morse


"[Pauling's] concern for the humanitarian and ethical consequences of scientific discovery add an extra dimension of analysis for historians of science. It is fitting that his archivists have now published one of the finest catalogs for the papers of an individual scientist....The Pauling Catalogue is well worth the $125 purchase price and is a must-have for any Pauling researcher or university library."
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